Eighth Regiment Armory

Published on July 05, 2009, 11:58 pm
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The Eighth Regiment Armory, also known as the Kingsbridge Armory, was constructed between 1912 to 1917 in Bronx, New York. The Armory was built to house the National Guard’s Eighth Coastal Artillery Regiment unit which relocated from Manhattan in 1917.

The Kingsbridge Armory is a nine-story red-brick building with a 180,000 square foot drill hall and an 800 seat auditorium, the armory covers the entire block from Kingsbridge Road and 195th Street to Reservoir and Jerome Avenues. The building has a two story office wing and two cellar levels, which used to house military vehicles, space for storage, lecture halls, and fitness rooms, that included a basketball court and a shooting gallery. It was designated a city landmark in 1974, while the Eighth Regiment’s former home was demolished in the 1960s. The state gave the title to the armory and its property to New York City in 1996.

The Armory was left to the city by the National Guard, due to nationwide military cutbacks. As a result of the Kingsbridge regiment’s departure has inspired many proposals on what to do with the building, which has brought up much debate about the landmark’s future.

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