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Published on July 08, 2013, 4:23 pm
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I want to begin with the things I feel are most troubling to me. First, I received some information from a credible VA source that stated “they want to keep me isolated from other African Americans.”

She went as far to say that I should forget about my friends and family and that I could make new friends and family elsewhere. They are trying to plant people in my life so that when they get ready to take me out I will be blind-sided.  

I have a problem with that. Where does the VA get off on telling me who my friends and family should be? I personally believe that they are taking this whistleblower incident way overboard. However, that statement is in keeping with the other statements I received when she also stated “they were making me a target and that someone in the Hispanic community was going to take me out.” That would explain the constant slander and defamation of character, going on as we speak, within the African American community here in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact I am receiving a lot of unwanted attention from the Hispanic community. Not that I don’t like Hispanic’s but the mere fact of the situation is puzzling.

Secondly, it would appear that this is some sort of government psych-op. In a previous story you did we discussed the statement where a VA official stated “they gotta use me to give them the evidence they need to get rid of those people, but why hurt me, why get rid of me?”  Again, this is troubling to me. I am caught between two factions here. One side wants this to go away and the other side wants it come out.  Most recently I received a message from an anonymous person who stated “they want to catch me and make me a suicide bomber.” I laugh at that, I am black and nothing but. Since when do black people here in America decide to be suicide bombers, as a whole we have enough problems in our lives without making matters worse.

However, a comment I received but can most certainly see happening is; a VA source stated “they want the story to come out but they want me dead or out of the way.” If I were alive I would receive some whistleblower protections or status from the Office of Special Counsel. However, in recent months OSC still refuses to acknowledge me or my complaints thus denying me any whistleblower protections.

In all honesty I can believe that. This is all about money with these people. First off, I had never even heard the term or word whistleblower prior to any of my complaints. I never knew as a whistleblower you would be entitled to any monetary compensation for blowing the whistle. I did not sacrifice my career, health and relationships for money. I spoke up because it was the right thing to do under the circumstances. So in hindsight I can see why OSC and the VA colluded back in ’09 and to date to deny my allegations and complaints.  

But there is the other element of racism involved. I do not throw around the race card however in this situation racism has played a major role in my complaints. I was subjected to some horrible treatment while employed by this agency. Treatment which my white co-workers did not have to endure. In my eyes I was targeted from the onset. They picked me to be the unlucky negro at that time.

Anyway, as we speak I have yet to find a job. I either return to the VA for work or I die of poverty and destitution. Well needless to say I have no intentions of returning to the VA. I have had to tours with the VA and both have ended horribly, which I believe is why I was targeted by the Los Angeles facility. That’s another story all in itself. One that I’m not quite sure they want told.

They still follow me all around the city, my calls and emails are routinely monitored. And to go back to my previous statement earlier where I mentioned they do not want me around African Americans, whenever I have a phone conversation with someone black you can hear the interference or them in the background. They will disconnect the call, disable my phone and just do all sorts of crazy things. However, if I am on the phone with someone who is not black, I have no problems with interference at all.

There has been so much that has occurred since we last spoke and we don’t have a lot of time. Whatever their game plan is I suspect it will be big. In all honesty, I believe I know what this is all about. I made a comment to agency counsel about additional evidence as they call it.  However, I call it corroborating evidence. Nonetheless, whatever you want to call it they are after me and it but I believe they may already have it, compliments of my ex.

I have reached out to VA Hq and have yet to receive a response. I have made contact with several members of Congress and have heard nothing. No lawyer will talk to me unless I have money and they definitely have me blocked with the main street media. It is as if I do not even exist. I firmly believe this was a part of their plan from the onset. They have ruined my business so I have no income, knowing if I had resources I would be able to defend myself.  

This entire situation is nothing more than a sham and we are being set up by our government. This is political and nothing more and they have chosen me without any regards for my life and freedoms. Like she stated before “who knows you, nobody knows who you are, who’s going to miss you.”

Before I go I want to mention that I have had to prepare my own civil suit against the VA and I have posted it on my blog for all those interested. Additionally, if any of your readers are as upset and concerned as I am I ask that they please contact there VA or Congressional representative about the matter.  

If you would link to my blog that would be greatly appreciated. You can view the blog here.


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