Klass Glass: The Best Models Of Sunglasses Are Gathered In One Place

Published on December 28, 2021, 11:39 am
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The fashion of sunglasses is so diverse that any branded model that you purchase from the KlassGlass store will surely hit the target. It is unambiguously accepted that sunglasses are no longer just UV protection. This is a necessary accessory for any fashionista, without which it is impossible to go out.

Increasingly, designers are moving away from the classic canons in optical fashion and focusing on bright colors. If earlier the choice of sun lenses was limited only to gray, brown, and green shades, today manufacturers offer a whole palette of colored lenses. And also light toning for the city, which can be worn in any weather.

Trendy shapes are also a distinctive feature of branded glasses. This year, “aviators”, “butterflies”, round oversized glasses, and retro glasses in the “gatsby” style, round shades in a metal frame are especially relevant. But despite all the diversity of the fashion line, fans of the classic style should not worry.

Traditional trapezoidal and rectangular frames in discreet shades will not look “yesterday”. Rather, on the contrary, they will emphasize your delicate taste, timelessness, and create an elegant image.

Our Variety Is Amazing

Sun protection is the primary function of a pair of glasses with lightweight plastic or metal frames. But today they have become a full-fledged accessory that complements the thoughtful image of a person of any kind of occupation.

This is part of the look, although it still reliably protects the eyes and the delicate skin around them from the bright light of the sun and the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

The assortment of our store is designed for a wide range of potential buyers – we have sunglasses with the optimal balance of price and quality for your budget.

We give preference to high-quality products. There are always products for sale from both popular indie brands and brands with a worldwide reputation. Such accessories have several guaranteed advantages: 

  • high-quality plastic;
  • non-trivial design;
  • good optical and colored lenses;
  • UV protection.

KlassGlass is a big sunglasses store. Products in our catalog can be sorted using logical filters: 

  • sex – for men, women, or children;
  • color / diopters / glass polarization;
  • frame material;
  • shape geometry, etc.

Good glasses don’t have to be expensive. First of all, we are talking about the flexibility and convenience of the temples, beautiful and laconic design, the absence of significant color and optical distortions.

Everything that makes everyday wear comfortable. For our boutique, we select both classic and trendy frame shapes – from recognizable wayfarers to fashionable rhombuses and “butterflies”.

Mirrored glasses, black and brown classics, color or monochrome gradient, pastel and bright – there are many colors.

The permeability of glasses to sunlight is also important: according to the official classification, it has 4 degrees. For the summer in Moscow, you can buy first-degree sunglasses. The third or fourth is needed for recreation in the south or the mountains. Our optics salon offers sunglasses of any shade level.

Where To Buy Sunglasses

All eyewear models – with or without diopter lenses – provide guaranteed 100% UV protection. Most of the models have increased strength lenses – just select the model of the desired color and shine with the glasses purchased from KlassGlass!

In the online store KlassGlass, lying on the couch, you can easily and simply browse through thousands of models of modern glasses. For the first time in one place, fresh collections of sunglasses in the style of Ray-Ban, ic! Berlin, Italia Independent, Oakley, and Emporio Armani.

Are you afraid that when you buy sunglasses online, you will receive something different from what is indicated on the site? No problem! You have the right to send them back to us within 14 days from the date of receipt!

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