3 Serious Factors That Have Affected The Technology In iGaming

Published on July 07, 2021, 7:44 am
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Advanced technology that was believed to be science fiction no more than 20 years ago has become the norm. As more and more industries in Canada choose to embrace the technological age and adapt accordingly, other industries are left with no choice. This is especially true for the iGaming sector where businesses without cutting-edge technology simply do not stay afloat.

As is the case with many other digital industries, the success of online gaming companies relies heavily on their ability to harness technological advancements and innovate unique solutions. These days, every part of companies who operate within Canada’s digital industry, rely on the newest technology for everything from payments to marketing.

To get a better understanding of the role that technology has played in the unprecedented growth of the iGaming industry, you will first need to know about three huge technological events that have changed the face of the industry in recent years.

We teamed up with one of our gamer experts, Michelle (see profile), to provide you with facts on the events that have affected technology in the iGaming industry.

Smart Data

iGaming operators are aware that the secret to success is to provide consumers and players with what they want, when they want it and how they would like it delivered. As a result of this, online casino sites and iGaming operators as such have created services with the sole purpose of collecting data on players. Operators are not allowed to make use of sensitive data shared by Canadian players, but they can use it to offer them personalized marketing for services that could interest them.

All online industries make use of consumer data to better service the masses and data has become a valuable and expensive resource. To keep up with the changing times, iGaming companies have invested millions in purchasing and developing artificial intelligence that can be used to analyse the data collected. AI provides operators with predictions based on user patterns and trends.

However, operators could also use this data to keep Canadian players hooked to their games and services. The data collected gives operators an idea of what an individuals’ preference is and what they would find enticing and could use this to their advantage. Due to the dangers presented, players are encouraged to allow operators limited access to their data.

Increased Security  

While we are on the topic of unscrupulous behaviour, iGaming is no exception to this rule. However, operators have invested resources into ensuring that they do not fall prey to dishonest players. If players have enough technical knowledge to build their own AI, they could use this technology to cheat or steal money from the operator.

While there are hundreds of free online slots games to try in Canada, there are even more real money games that could result in operators losing a significant amount of their profit to online cheaters. To protect themselves from these dangers, online operators often employ their own AI to neutralise and detect shady behaviours.

Luckily, online operators now make use of Random Number Generators, which ensure random results, and have teamed up with cybersecurity companies to provide their customers, and themselves, with cutting-edge encryption technology. Encryption technology is vital for an iGaming business since payments take place online. Without adequate security measures in place, many players could fall victim to hackers who would be able to steal their sensitive data.

Live Dealer Games

While online slots Canada is a popular choice for many players, there are players who will never get used to online casino gaming and long for a more authentic experience. To combat this nostalgia, software developers and iGaming companies have joined forces to bring Canadian players a close-to-real experience. Live dealer games are now offered at many online casino sites and make it possible for players to engage with a live dealer while playing traditional table games such as roulette, poker, blackjack and more.

The introduction of live dealer games is considered to be the latest innovation to online casino gambling despite taking place several years ago. This gaming genre allows players to participate in their favourite traditional table game, complete with video of a real dealer, transmitted via webcam. In addition to this, players can communicate with other participants from the same game and the dealer via a chat option.

Future Prospects for iGaming

Considering all of the big changes that have taken place in the iGaming industry over the last three decades, there is little doubt that technology now reigns supreme. While we have mentioned three major events, there were several other smaller changes that took place over the years that have contributed to the iGaming industry as we know it today and there are likely many more to come. A handful of technology companies have shared that AR and VR technology is in development for the iGaming industry, which could be the next big serious event for technology in iGaming.

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