Which Players Earn The Most In The Premier League?

Published on March 12, 2024, 10:55 am
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Football is a very lucrative sport and the Premier League is one of the biggest leagues in the world, so unsurprisingly, it is home to some of the best paid players on the globe. Today, we’ll be counting down 10 footballers who earn the most in the Premier League. Number 2 may shock you.

10. Jack Grealish

Creeping into the top 10 is the most expensive Englishman in football history. The 100 million-pound man earns an annual salary of 15.6 million pounds at Manchester City.

9. Bernardo Silva

The versatile Portuguese midfielder also earns 15.6 million pounds per year at Manchester City.

Now, from two current Man City players to a former one.

8. Raheem Sterling

The English winger is Chelsea’s highest paid player, raking a mouth-watering 16.9 million pounds every year.

7. Kai Havertz

The German forward actually earns less than Grealish, Silva, and Sterling in basic wages, but when you add his bonuses, the Arsenal man topples them. Havertz earns a basic annual salary of 14.56 million pounds, but his bonuses push him up to 17.16 million pounds, a huge jump from the 13 million he was earning at Chelsea last season.

6. Raphael Varane

Here, we have the only defender on this list. The 4-time Champions League winner earns 17.86 million pounds yearly at Manchester United, but he’s not even the highest-paid player at the club. Keep reading to find out who has that title.

5. Marcus Rashford

As far as basic salaries go, Rashford is below Varane in the pecking order with his 15.6 million pounds per year salary. But he earns 3.9 million pounds in bonuses which boosts his total earnings to 19.5 million pounds. He is still not United’s top earner, though. You will find out who that is soon, but for now, let us look at Liverpool’s highest-paid player.

4. Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian King, as he’s fondly called by Liverpool fans, earns 18.2 million pounds annually in basic salary, but his 2.6 million-pound bonus pushes his total earnings to 20.8 million euros. That’s almost double the amount the second highest-paid Liverpool player earns.

3. Kevin De Bruyne

As far as basic salaries go, Kevin De Bruyne is the Premier League’s highest-paid player. He goes home with an annual salary of 20.8 million pounds at Manchester City, but he’s not even the club’s top earner.

2. Casemiro

The 5-time UEFA Champions League winner earns the same basic salary as Mo Salah, but his bonuses put him above the winger.

The Brazilian earns two times what Salah earns in bonuses, so that puts his total at 23.4 million pounds. This makes Casemiro Manchester United’s highest-paid player.

1. Erling Haaland

The Norwegian goal machine goes home with the heftiest check in the English top flight! His basic salary is 19.5 million pounds but his bonus bonus check is heftier than his basic salary, even heftier than Casemiro’s entire earnings.

Haaland earns 24.7 million pounds yearly in bonuses, and that takes his total earnings to 44.2 million pounds. That is more than double what De Bruyne earns at City. Wow! 

You would d say Haaland deserves it, would you not?

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