What To Do In Atlantic City

Published on November 21, 2021, 3:30 am
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When planning holidays around the United States, most people think about Miami, Colorado, New York City, Disneyland, etc. Unfortunately, Atlantic City does not come to mind within the first choice and that is a huge mistake.

The city, located at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, has everything you may need to spend a great vacation with your significant others. Atlantic city is well known for its beaches, hotels, luxury and expensive stores.

As it happened in many other cities in the United States, the arrival of the railroad in the 19th century boosted its popularity and by the twentieth century, it became a holiday spot for the rich and famous. Today, around 27 million tourists visit the city every year. Atlantic is a City for everyone to enjoy and being so close to New York, it is worth a while.

Explore the city

To get some of that beautiful sea breeze there is nothing like heading to Steel pier. There you can jump on some of the rides, great for thrill-seekers. The landscape is full of joy and fun. Great to spend an afternoon and watch the sunset with family.

Also, there is Absecon lighthouse. It was built in 1855 and it is still standing. You can watch the city from above and see its greatness as it rests close to the coast. Fortunately, unlike many other lighthouses, this one is open for climbing so if you are not afraid of heights it is a must-see.

Another unique attraction is Lucy the elephant. Originally called Elephant Bazaar, it is a 6 story elephant-shaped building that was built by James V. Lafferty in 1881. It was declared a National Historic Landmark and the cost of visiting the inside of the building is $8,50. The visit takes around 30 minutes and it’s totally worth the asking price.

The Atlantic City Aquarium, while not as big as others in the country that want to be reopened, it is still a nice place to visit with kids where they can interact with sharks, horseshoe crabs, and stingrays. The sea turtles are the stars of the show in the aquarium though.
It’s a great place to spend an afternoon.

Nightlife in Atlantic City

The heart of the nightlife in Atlantic city definitely has to be the Boardwalk. There you will find all the activities you may need. You can dine at excellent restaurants with famous chefs and there are bars to spend the night. There are great discos to visit as well.

Boogie nights is a fantastic 70’s themed disco where you can dance to the disco era classics. Now, if you want something more high profile you can visit HQ2. You may have to spend more cash and dress accordingly to access the place, but if you want to be surrounded by the jet set this is the place to go.

We know Atlantic city is well known for its casinos as well, and if you still have that itch to keep playing but do not want to miss out on all other places the city has to offer you have options that can be played on the net. Nowadays, there are providers that provide the classic games to play anywhere, but there are things to know about legal online casinos before you start enjoying the game while you keep visiting the city. Remember that an illegal casino website has continuously changing terms and conditions, unclaimable Bonuses and no payouts. However, a legal casino has its license, has the most popular games on the net and it is possible to play straight from your phone or tablet, from any place as long as you have internet access.

They offer huge bonuses and jackpots, as inland casinos but at the tip of your fingers. If you are on a quick vacation tour and do not want to keep investing time in land casinos, Online casinos will suit you perfectly. Play for a while and then move on with your schedule.

The Pool After Dark is a different option for your night out. It is the best pool party in town.They have a heated indoor pool in Harrah’s resort. The party takes place in and out of the pool though. The DJ will play the best electro tunes to assure you have a blast during your visit.


Atlantic City is well known for its nightlife for a reason. It’s very cosmopolitan, it has a diverse selection of activities and there is always something for all budgets and ages. Having this type of resort so close to New York City is a blessing and something you will definitely need to keep in mind on your next free weekend or your trip to the State of New York.

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