Top Five Best Portable DVD Players

Published on August 02, 2018, 1:19 pm
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Whether you are buying something just for traveling either by car or plane or to keep the children quiet and occupied, investing in a portable DVD player is the perfect answer.


Sylvania SDVD7049

Top Five Best Portable DVD Players

Sony BDPSX910

Portable DVD players are very popular gadgets today because of its small size, SD card slots, USB ports, rechargeable batteries and in-built speakers. These devices are suitable for travelers.

Portable DVD players provide the entertainment you need while on-the-go. They can handle audio and video files in all types of formats. You can purchase all sorts of CDs and DVDs on the market. However, different portable DVD players offer different additional features.

Below, we went ahead to curate a list of 5 Best Portable DVD Players Reviews for you:

NaviSkauto 12.5-Inch

Released in 2016, NaviSkauto’s DVD player is one of the best devices manufactured today. Its 9-inch digital TFT clear screen can support a resolution of 800×480 and provides you with the best video quality.

There is also a swivel function on the screen for the better viewing experience. The 2600 mAH battery offers five hours of non-stop runtime. The ‘last memory functionality offers error correction and picks up from where you left off every time you switch it on. You can also add memory cards to watch movies.


The SYNAGY A10 is a small DVD player with a 10.1-inch screen that offers a resolution of 1024×600. The video quality of this DVD player is a class apart from other DVD players. The screen can also swivel for added viewing pleasure. It supports all types of CDs and DVDs.

The built-quality of this DVD player is top-notched as well. Its battery life can easily last up to 2.5-3 hours; it can also extend if you lower the volume of the speaker. The DVD player also has an SD card reader and a USB port for additional functionality.

Sylvania SDVD7049

The Sylvania SDVD7049 is a small DVD player that offers longer viewing hours. The device has excellent audio and video quality. It has a 7-inch screen and the speakers are built into the unit. You can also use earphones.

It is compatible with all formats. The DVD player is also packed with a remote control so that you can easily change or play/pause the movie while you are busy with some other tasks. The ergonomic design of the DVD player includes a carry handle that makes it easier for you to transport it anywhere.

THZY DR.J Portable DVD Player

The THZY DR.J Portable DVD Player is a unique DVD player that is fitted with a wide range of features to keep your children occupied during long road trips. The 12.1-inch screen can be rotated up to 270° for the added viewing experience.

With a 6000 mAh battery, this DVD player can last up to seven hours on a single charge. You can watch up to 4 hours of movies in a single charge. It supports several different video and image formats as well.

The DVD player also has a space for memory cards.

Sony BDPSX910

The Sony BDPSX910 is a good DVD player. It has a 9-inch screen that can swivel 180°. The battery of the device can last up to 4.5 hours on a single charge. In addition to Blu-ray discs, the player can support a wide range of formats like CD-ROM, DVD, etc. You can also open files with formats such as JPEG or MP3. Some other convenient features include a headphone output, parental control lock and a car battery adaptor. Many features are packed into this portable DVD player, making it one of the best devices today.

DVD players have become common household items in today’s digital age. Many people prefer using portable DVD players rather than their laptops or home theater systems. This is because there is not much fuss when it comes to using DVD players. All you need to do is insert the entertainment source (DVD or memory card), plug in your headphones, sit back and relax!


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