How The Gaming On Mobile Phones Evolved Over The Last 20 Years

Published on December 13, 2017, 11:46 am
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Today’s mobile phones are much more advanced than the devices used almost two decades ago. Essentially, these phones are pocket sized computers that can do more than place calls. Many people use their phone as their primary gaming device.

The idea to put games on mobile phones first happened in the 1990’s when Nokia loaded the games of Snake and Pong on their Symbian operated devices. While these games may seem rather low tech given today’s powerful graphics, the concepts behind them were addicting. Nokia took this idea of playing games on a phone a step further and attempted to release a handheld gaming tool known as N-Gage, which was the first of its time. Naturally, the idea was not able to see fruition at the time due to the limitations of technology. 

As mobile phone technology progressed, there were also advancements made in terms of gaming. The new class known as smartphones saw the internet integrated into these devices once exclusively used for gaming. This led to novel implications as online games could now be played on these smaller devices. Since people take their phone with them wherever they go, it made it even more convenient to game on one’s phone. For instance online casinos, such as those available at, which once could only be played on a computer, these expanded applications allowed for the creation of mobile casinos for gambling on-the-go. This made playing one’s favourite casino games even more accessible than ever before. 

With the increased use of mobile phones for gaming, certain accessories have also been created to help facilitate this use. Wireless controllers much like those used on traditional gaming consoles can be purchased to make it even easier to control the game. Pop sockets have also been created to make it much easier to hold onto the device while gaming. 

Gaming has seen such significant changes in recent years; it leads many to wonder just what we can expect to develop in this area in the near future.

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