Is Technology Good?

Published on February 22, 2019, 5:24 am
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Many people have asked if technology and artificial intelligence can affect our state of consciousness.

Does Technology Make You More Self Reliant or More Dependent?

Technology can train you to adopt better habits and greater awareness. Take for instance, because of technology we get to play mobile games, chart to friends or enjoy mobile sports betting on our fingertips. It can take you to a point where you actually do not even need the technology itself.

However, you may also become too dependent. For instance, using a calculator may make you less able to perform mathematical functions mentally. As a result, you become dependent on such devices.

Being dependent on technology may put us at a great risk also. Just imagine how much trouble we will be in if one day, the sun’s solar rays suddenly fried all the microchips.

Is Technology Bringing You Closer To People Or Making You More Isolated?

For us to be happy, we need quality personal relationships. Sure, technology can bring you closer to your loved ones. For example, a father working in another town or country may be able to connect with his family over social media. They can actually have a conversation daily and keep those relationships healthy.

However, we do so many other activities on the smartphones that isolate us from the people that are around us. At the end of the day, you must look more at the quality and not quantity, what are we saying. 10,000 Instagram followers will never equal one good friend who will always be there no matter what.

On the other hand, video games you play by yourself, sports book online, or any other of the activities we do on a cell phone, may actually isolate you from other people. 

Can Technology Help You To Live More Awake?

So many devices and software claim to improve your health. However, are they really doing that or they are negatively affecting our health?

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