Third Annual Marble Hill Reunion Weekend

Published on August 04, 2011, 7:45 am
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Calling the family home – after two outstanding years in a row, the Marble Hill community is preparing to celebrated its 3nd annual Marble Hill Reunion Weekend this August 19 – 21, 2011.

Third Annual Marble Hill Reunion Weekend

Third Annual Marble Hill Reunion Weekend

The event's banner.

The event supported by the Marble Hill Reunion and Development Project Inc. in cooperation with the Marble Hill Tenants Association.

Marble Hill Day, traditionally celebrated on a single Saturday in August, has now been extended over an entire weekend through the efforts of the Marble Hill 225 Reunion Committee.

The Friday evening event at Coogan’s Restaurant on 168th St. and Broadway attracts more attendees each year and is highlighted by a small but significant sponsorship agreement between the establishment and the Marble Hill Reunion Committee.

Thanks to the organizations’ website, overwhelming success in 2009, a site on Facebook and by word of mouth, the has Reunion looks to attract more former Marble Hill residents back to their roots than ever before.

Former residents who now live all over the USA, from Arizona to Wisconsin and as far away as Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, The Caribbean, The Netherlands and Denmark, made the journey back home to celebrate their past in the Marble Hill community.

Marketing executives, air traffic controllers, high school teachers, government employees, archbishops, concert pianists, postal workers, police, FBI agents, secretaries, entertainers and store clerks. They will all leave their official titles at the door and come as they are: proud members of the Marble Hill Family!

The traditional Friday evening get-together at Coogan’s Restaurant at 168th St. & Broadway, in Washington Heights, kicks off the weekend at 7:00 p.m.

Saturday features, the Children’s Run at 1:00 pm in Marble Hill Playground, led by Rodney Brown and the Marble Hill Memorial Basketball Game at 3:00 p.m. led by Bobby Hueston and Tyrone Foster as a tribute to those former Marble Hill residents and friends who have passed away. Frank “Buzzy” Broughton, former DeWitt Clinton HS and University of Wyoming football star will also mentor a football clinic for kids.

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Despite all the outdoor activities, barbecue, music and emotional meetings between old friends, the highlight of the weekend might be the Dinner and Dance, at the American Legion Hall which opens its doors at 8 pm. A strong increase in attendance is also expected over last year. Catering by committee member Pam Brown and her SugaDelite organization which is making a name for itself will be served in fine tradition by Ms. Brown and her crew of helpers. DJ Kevin Carson will take over the podium for the first time since the event began and keep the hall filled with music.

Two awards will be presented to members of the Marble Hill family who have exhibited outstanding community service over the years.

On Sunday attendees are invited to the service at St. Stephen’s Methodist Church at 228 Street & Marble Hill Avenue. However, they are free to choose the services at Church of the Mediator at 231st Street and St. John’s, according to their faith.

A Reunion dedicated to celebrate the history of such a culturally rich neighborhood is not only a celebration, but an historical statement and living monument to one of the most colorful, unique and interesting neighborhoods in the United States.

The entire weekend will be filmed and photographed, aired on Bronx Net TV and later to be edited into a documentary.

Tom Lockhart
Communications Officer/Secretary General
Marble Hill 225 Reunion & Development Project Inc.


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