The Bronx County Conservative Party Announces Its 2024 Candidates

Published on March 22, 2024, 10:24 pm
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On Friday, March 22, 2024, at the Sanz in Allerton Avenue, a room filled with reporters, candidates, conservative party members, and like-minded individuals witnessed Chairman Patrick McManus of the Bronx County Conservative Party take the stage.

McManus captivated the audience with a brief history of the Conservative Party, tracing its evolution amidst changing times and highlighting the Bronx Conservative Party’s remarkable growth over the past year.

After setting the stage, McManus welcomed local Bronx hero Alfredo Troche, Jr. Troche’s courageous intervention to prevent a fellow Bronxite from being mugged on the subway earned him a proclamation, despite sustaining injuries in the process. Troche’s impassioned speech emphasized the need for reform in the city’s political system. As a former United States Marine Corps Veteran, Troche vowed to continue his community engagements, including organizing salsa meet-ups at Orchard Beach during the summer, while remaining steadfast in his subway routine.

McManus reiterated the importance of monthly party meetings held across different parts of the Bronx, which have led to the impressive lineup of the 2024 election candidates. While not all candidates could be present due to time constraints, McManus pledged to ensure their voices are heard through public meetings, periodicals, and media platforms.

Tina Forte, candidate for Congressional District 14, underscored her battle against socialism and corruption, emphasizing faith, family, and freedom as core values under threat.

Christopher Wright, vying for Congressional District 16, urged everyday Americans to join the movement against socialism, advocating for grassroots activism as the catalyst for change.

Gonzalo Duran, running for Congressional District 15, emphasized the need for collective action to combat systemic issues and bring about positive change.

Dion Powell, candidate for State Senate District 33, denounced the Democratic Party’s control over education and advocated for school choice as a key platform.

Darney Rivers, seeking State Assembly District 86, highlighted his efforts to address community issues and promote positive change through community programs.

Grace Marrero, running for State Assembly District 30, emphasized her commitment to her neighborhood’s betterment, focusing on affordable housing and immigration issues.

Emmanuel Findlay, contending for State Assembly District 79, spoke out against preferential treatment for illegal immigrants and shared his path to citizenship.

Juan De La Cruz, in the race for State Assembly District 82, shared his journey to citizenship and highlighted the detrimental impact of bail reform.

McManus concluded the meeting by commending and praising the candidates for their courage in running for office, calling for a group picture to mark the occasion.

Following the meeting, McManus invited Conservative Party members to sign candidates’ petitions, while Vice Chairman Gonzalo Duran facilitated new member registrations. Duran expressed satisfaction with the growing turnout and welcomed new Conservative Party members into the fold.

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