Perrigo – A Look At The Company That Makes Healthcare Products In Our Own Backyard

Published on July 01, 2013, 10:58 am
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If you have ever had a skin condition requiring a prescription cream, ointment or lotion treatment, there is a very good chance that product was manufactured in the non-descriptbrick building just a few blocks from the Olympic pool and the Bathgate Playground.

This is the New York home of Perrigo Company, one of the world’s leading producers of generic prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products.

Perrigo New York produces generic prescription ointments and creams to treat various skin, scalp and feminine conditions, making quality healthcare products more affordable for people who need them. Nearly 600 people, mostly from around Bronx, work three shifts to makeover 50 million tubes of ointments and creams per yearthat are prescribed by medical professionals to treat newly diagnosed and chronic conditions.

While Perrigo’s operations in New York focus on prescription pharmaceuticals, its other business segments manufacture health and nutrition products that you are likely to have in your cabinets. If you have ever purchased store brand cough and cold, allergy or pain relief medication for adults and children, then you have purchased a Perrigo product. The company also makes store brand antacid and other products for gastrointestinal discomfort, as well as vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements. Additionally, they are the largest producer of store brand infant formula and other toddler nutrition products.

When you read the product label of a generic pharmaceutical or store brand OTC product, you will notice that the active ingredients are the same as those found in the name brand products. They have to be in order for the FDA to approve them. So where is the difference? The biggest difference is in the price you pay to buy them. It is estimated that choosing store brand OTC products saves the consumer an average of 36%.

Perrigo’s products even help you take care of your extended family, through its growing animal health business featuring Sergeant’s flea and tick products. And, through its operations in Israel and India, Perrigo helps other companies make quality products by manufacturing the active pharmaceutical ingredients used to make various pharmaceuticals.

Although Perrigo is not a household name like some popular national brands, it has been around for more than 125 years – 13 of those years in Bronx – helping consumers access quality healthcare products at affordable prices. So, it is not surprising that you might not have known that your neighbor works there. Or that the generic prescription ointment or store brand pain relief in your medicine cabinet was manufactured there.

“When first learning about us, most people are surprised that we manufacture and operate out of three buildings, right here in the Bronx,” said Swani Carcamo, HR manager for Perrigo New York. “You don’t have to be on a pharmaceutical career path to work here. We have jobs from warehouse and inventory, to production and HR, to finance, VP’s and scientists in our labs.”

An Internet search of jobs available at Perrigo New York yields positions including Production Supervisor; Licensed Journeyman; Environmental, Health, and Safety Professional; Calibration Technician; and Packaging Line Operators. Carcamo states that there is ample opportunity to grow at the Bronx location and within the global Perrigo organization. In addition, Perrigo partners with local colleges and universities for internships and fellowships and hire recent graduates.

You may hear more about Perrigo now that you know about them. Last year, Perrigo was named to Forbes’ top list of most innovative companies, ahead of Starbucks, Google and even Apple. The company is growing, and has over 15 locations worldwide, where they make healthcare products from antacids to pain relief to infant formula to pet care products to nicotine gum and everything in between.

For more information about Perrigo New York and jobs available, click here.

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