Yerlan Nigmatulin: Biography Of An Entrepreneur

Published on December 29, 2023, 8:14 am
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Nigmatulin Yerlan Zayrullayevich is a businessman from Kazakhstan, philanthropist, owner and co—founder of a number of companies. One of the most successful projects of the entrepreneur is the metallurgical plant for the production of ferroalloys and silica YDD Corporation.

Childhood and Youth of Nigmatulin Yerlan

The future businessman was born on August 31, 1962 in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Yerlan grew up in a poor family of workers. The entrepreneur’s father, Zairulla Nigmatulin, has been engaged in coal mining in Karaganda mines for many years. And Yerlan Zeynep Karieva’s mother worked at a local shoe factory. The entrepreneur spent his childhood in the industrial district of Karaganda.

In 1979, Nigmatulin Yerlan went to study the analysis of economic activity of production facilities at the Cooperative Institute of Karaganda. After 4 years, the entrepreneur graduated with a higher education in economics. At the institute, the businessman acquired the necessary knowledge in the field of management.

Work Experience

A few months after graduating from the institute, Nigmatulin found his first job as an auditor of the trade department of the Dzhezkazgan Executive Committee. Thanks to this, he gained his first practical experience in the management field.

Until 1991, Yerlan Nigmatulin continued to gain experience in the field of management. He headed a chain of canteens and restaurants in the Dzhezkazgan region of Kazakhstan. Then the entrepreneur took the post of director in a larger structure — the procurement base of the regional trade management.

In 1991, Nigmatulin became the manager of a trading house in the city of Balkhash. And in 1993 — director of a large enterprise “Er-Kanat”. In this position, Yerlan has shown that he is able to effectively develop a business. In 2 years, Nigmatulin has significantly expanded the company. His last step on the way to creating his own businesses was the position of CEO at Impulse, LLP.

In 1999, Nigmatulin Yerlan presented his dissertation at the Economic Institute established in the system of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan. The entrepreneur successfully defended it and became a Candidate of Sciences in Economics. The topic of the qualification work was the investment policy of Kazakhstan during the globalization and instability of the global financial system.

In 2000, Nigmatulin Yerlan Zayrullaevich graduated from the Modern Humanitarian University of Moscow with a degree in law. The businessman was awarded a bachelor’s degree in law.

By 2000, Nigmatulin had received a degree in economics, knew law and had extensive managerial experience. Later, the accumulated knowledge helped him achieve success in business.

Key business results of Nigmatulin Yerlan:

  • Co-owner of TOO YDD Corporation. The ferroalloy plant is the most successful project of Nigmatulin Yerlan Zayrullaevich, opened in 2019. The company’s products are appreciated not only in Kazakhstan, but also in 50 other countries. The company is based on high environmental friendliness and automation of most production processes;
  • Co-founder of AsiaFerroAlloys, LLP (formerly Qaz Carbon, LLP). The plant has been operating since 2021. It specializes in the production of coke, foundry products, ferroalloys and coal processing;
  • Shareholder of JSC “Karazhyra”. This enterprise of Nigmatulin Yerlan has been operating since 2002 and is developing one of the largest coal deposits in Kazakhstan;
  • Shareholder of Kaz Silicon Metallurgical Combine, LLP. The plant was opened in 2022 and produces metallurgical silicon with the addition of aluminum. The company also extracts silica in the process of purification of gas emissions;
  • Co-owner of EkibastuzFerroAlloys, LLP. As of December 2023, it is a factory under construction in the city of Ekibastuz. Nigmatulin’s company will be engaged in the production of iron-based alloys. The management plans to produce 240 thousand tons of ferrosilicon annually.

Additionally, Nigmatulin owned bakeries “Balkhash Nan” and “Saryarka Nan Karaganda” from 2016 and 2017, respectively. But by 2022, Yerlan sold both companies to new owners.

Nigmatulin Yerlan adheres to the principles of environmentally friendly production in the construction of most of his enterprises. For example, a double emission cleaning system is installed at the YDD Corporation plant. According to the company’s official website, it reduces the amount of pollution by 99.8%.


Nigmatulin Yerlan supports various charitable foundations that are engaged in environmental conservation. He regularly participates in the development of programs to improve the ecology of Kazakhstan.

Nigmatulin actively sponsors projects to increase access to education among young people. The businessman helps not only financially, but also participates in the creation of effective training programs.

Additionally, Yerlan Zairullaevich Nigmatulin supported various social structures in Kazakhstan many times. For example, he provided the Karaganda orphanage “Asem” with new modern furniture: dressers, mirrors, cabinets, shelves for shoes and others.

Nigmatulin Yerlan also financed medical institutions during the coronavirus pandemic. On behalf of YDD Corporation, 10 cars, 100 oxygen generators, heart rate monitors and various medicines were purchased in the amount of 100 million tenge.

Personal Life of Nigmatulin Yerlan

Nigmatulin Yerlan Zairullaevich is married to Serikbayeva Bakyt Kairbekovna. His wife was born in 1962, as was the entrepreneur himself. The businessman’s marriage produced 3 daughters:

  • Malika. Nigmatulin’s first daughter was born in 1983;
  • Madina. She was born in 1984;
  • Karima. The third daughter of Nigmatulin Yerlana was born on May 1, 1995.
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