Mayor Adams Launches New WhatsApp Channel To Communicate Directly With New Yorkers

Published on October 27, 2023, 5:30 pm
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New York City Mayor Eric Adams today announced the launch of the New York City Government WhatsApp Channel, available in both English and Spanish, to expand and enhance direct communication between the Adams administration and New Yorkers via one of the top-five most used apps in the world. Beginning today, Friday, October 27, 2023, the Channel will provide subscribers with updates directly from the Adams administration, information about city services, and content about New York City’s communities, activities, and culture.

WhatsApp is used by 2.4 billion people worldwide and more than 98 million people in the United States, making it a key communication platform for immigrant and international communities within New York City, where approximately 40 percent of the population was born outside of the United States. WhatsApp introduced “Channels” this summer as a new product, and it has already being used by private companies, celebrities, sports teams, and newspapers around the world to reach tens of millions of people.

“Our administration is ‘Getting Stuff Done,’ and we want to tell New Yorkers what we are doing and how it can improve their quality of life,” said Mayor Adams. “Our administration is committed to reaching all communities that call New York City home, including immigrant and international communities who already use WhatsApp daily to communicate daily. This outreach in English and Spanish is one more way we’re making sure New Yorkers know what their government is doing for them and how to access services, engage in events, and learn about great things happening in New York City.”

“This administration is making communication with all New Yorkers a top priority, so we’re using one of the most popular communication tools in the world to get it done,” said Deputy Mayor for Communications Fabien Levy. “Just like I communicate with friends and family over WhatsApp, so do millions of other New Yorkers, and we’re excited to test out this new platform to share so much of how our city continues to deliver for New Yorkers every day. From direct e-mailing via the ‘Hear From Eric’ to SMS texting via ‘Text With Eric’ to the ‘Get Stuff Done-cast’ podcast and ‘Hear From The Mayor’ monthly call-in radio show, we are constantly adding new ways to reach New Yorkers and get their feedback.”

“In order to build stronger connections with the people we serve, we have to go directly to where New Yorkers stay connected with family and friends,” said Chief Technology Officer Matthew Fraser. “Mayor Adams’ new WhatsApp Channel is another important step in our continuing efforts to democratize access to information and raise awareness of all the impactful work this administration is getting done on behalf of New Yorkers.”

Today’s announcement builds on a series of actions taken to fulfill Mayor Adams’ vision of making this administration the most accessible in the city’s history. In August, Mayor Adams launched “Text With Eric,” an SMS-based communication program to converse one-on-one with New Yorkers about anything they want to discuss. In July, Mayor Adams launched “Hear from the Mayor,” a live, call-in radio show where New Yorkers can regularly call in and discuss issues they care about with the mayor. In January, Mayor Adams launched both “Hear from Eric,” an email-based direct communications program designed to reach New Yorkers where they are about local issues and priorities, as well as the “Get Stuff Done-Cast,” a podcast where he highlights the amazing things New Yorkers from all walks of life are doing to push New York City forward every day. Additionally, in May, Mayor Adams kicked off “Talk with Eric,” the administration’s second series of at least nine community town halls following last year’s successful series of eight “Community Conversations on Public Safety.”


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