Borough President Gibson Makes Bronx Historian Announcement

Published on May 05, 2023, 8:48 pm
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Bronx Borough President Gibson joined the Bronx Tourism Council, community leaders, and residents to announce Angel Hernandez as her appointment to the position of Bronx Historian. This announcement comes after Mr. Lloyd Ultan has proudly served with distinction in the position for over 20 years. He was appointed Bronx Historian under the Fernando Ferrer administration and has remained in the seat since then, now passing the torch as newly named Bronx Borough Historian Emeritus by Bronx Borough President Gibson to Mr. Hernandez who previously served under his tutorage.

“I want to thank Lloyd Ultan for his over 20 years of service to our great borough,” said Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson. “He has served with distinction and honor as the Bronx Historian and during that time, he has had an immeasurable impact on the history of our borough. His passion for the Bronx is infectious, and his attention to detail and dedication to preserving its history is truly remarkable. His work has appeared in numerous peer-reviewed journals, academic courses, and guided tours, and has helped put the Bronx on the map as a cultural destination. I know his legacy will continue to inspire us and as we move forward with a new historian, Angel Hernandez, we remain committed to preserving the rich history and culture of the Bronx. We look forward to working with Mr. Hernandez who is committed to telling the stories of the Bronx, creating new opportunities for our future generations, and ensuring our history is highlighted and preserved.”

“I look forward to serving the people of The Bronx as their next official borough historian,” said Angel Hernandez. “It is with great honor and eagerness that I serve in such a capacity because Bronx history is a true passion for me. Studying our beautiful borough’s historic past and sharing it with the world not only fulfills my duty to our great society but also invokes personal pride. I know I have big shoes to fill, yet I am confident that in this special role in today’s Bronx, I will be able to forge connections from the past and convey them as valuable lessons for the future.”

“I have enjoyed my time as the Bronx Borough Historian,” said Professor Lloyd Ultan. “I’ve discovered through research a lot of things many people did not know about. With this information, I have published books and articles, and given lectures and tours. I’ve answered individual questions by phone, email, and on podcasts and conducted television and radio interviews, all with the hope of spreading the word on how great a place the Bronx really is.”

“Today marks yet another epic moment in our Bronx history as we recognize two proud Bronx historians who at every opportunity will let you know why this borough is worth loving all day and every day,” said Sulma Arzu-Brown, Executive Director of the Bronx Tourism Council. “From the art deco designs of buildings on the grand concourse to cultural & culinary corridors, to salsa and hip hop, every element of the Bronx has a story. Who better to tell those stories than two outstanding citizens of our borough.”

To celebrate and commemorate his years of service to the Bronx, Borough President Gibson also presented Mr. Ultan with a proclamation and award in recognition of his 26 years as the Bronx Historian.

The Bronx Historian is an unpaid government-appointed official. Their role is to collect historical data from various sources, such as archives, books, and artifacts; analyze and interpret historical data to determine its authenticity and significance; and track and trace historical developments within the Bronx. The Historian also engages with the public through educational programs and presentations. The responsibilities of the Historian are defined by New York State and are as follows.

Research and Writing: The primary responsibility of the Bronx Historian is the interpretation of the past. The Historian’s role involves research and writing on aspects of the various local communities for publishing in books, magazines, and newspapers. From the law: “The best local historians have upheld high standards of gathering and evaluating evidence, making thoughtful and appropriate generalizations, writing well-organized and readable narratives, and sharing their work with others through the most appropriate mediums.

Teaching and Public Presentations: As Historian, you may teach courses in local and regional history, serve as a resource to teachers in the fourth and seventh-grade local history curriculum, serve as a content consultant, speak, and lecture to community groups, and participate in radio and TV talk shows to disseminate local history.

Historic Preservation: Historians are advocates for historic preservation and a resource to your appointing authority on questions relating to history and preservation. The Historian may prepare a cultural resource survey, identify landmark structures, prepare nominations to the State and National Register of Historic Places, and develop and manage historic marker programs.


Borough President Gibson Makes Bronx Historian Announcement
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