New Yorkers Rattled By Today’s Earthquake

Gonzalo Duran
Published on April 05, 2024, 3:41 pm
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Today’s earthquake rattled many New Yorkers across the city, prompting varied reactions from residents. While seismic events are not uncommon in New York State, they often go unnoticed in the city boroughs. New York City alerts recorded today’s earthquake at a magnitude of 4.7.

Here is a glimpse of how some New Yorkers experienced and responded to the quake:

Elianni Tejada, caught off guard while moving boxes, exclaimed, “Oh my god, I didn’t even know that an earthquake happened.”

Darney Rivers pondered the broader implications, stating, “Man playing with Mother Nature. What’s next?”

James Young reflected on the relative impact, sharing, “Feeling these vibrations was a wake-up call. I am grateful it was just a minor experience, but it reminds us of the unpredictability of nature.”

Allan Nunez expressed concern, urging, “Folks better start their prayers! Judgment day is coming.”

Marisol Duran, startled while watching Instagram reels, recounted, “I thought the building was being hit by a truck. Hopefully, no damage and people are safe.”

Gary Lutz, unaffected, offered reassurance, stating, “Didn’t feel anything. Be safe, everyone.”

Bernadette Brown Hand remarked on her lack of sensation, sharing, “I didn’t feel a blessed thing.”

Veronica Gonzalez, shaken by the event, admitted, “I was definitely shaken up. I didn’t realize it would be this bad.”

Bailey Provetto, despite being in Florida, relayed her son’s experience, highlighting the unprecedented nature of the quake in Mount Vernon.

Lourdes Melendez-Gamez succinctly described her reaction, stating, “It was scary.”

Luna Vega compared the event to past occurrences, exclaiming, “Craziest thing since the lockdowns.”

Bryan Wigfall, relieved to find loved ones safe, emphasized the importance of checking on vulnerable individuals.

Maira Hernandez, reflecting on the unexpected nature of the quake, shared her experience as a stark reminder of the forces of nature.

Zenaida Matos described her frightening experience at work, pledging to continue praying for safety.

Sarah Leonard, initially confused, shared, “I thought I was hallucinating until I heard people in the hallway talking.”

Guadalupe Hoyos expressed surprise, noting, “We never had an earthquake in NYC like that. Scary.”

Elizabeth Munoz, unaware due to her departure from work, remained unaffected by the seismic event.


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Gonzalo Duran
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