America’s Security & Standing In The World After Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine

Published on February 24, 2022, 10:45 pm
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Last night, President Putin began the invasion of Ukraine. While Ukraine is not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), it is a sovereign nation, and it was the world’s responsibility to prevent this from happening, and they failed to do so. The failure by the Biden Administration to lead a global effort with NATO members to prevent hostilities in Europe is irreversible. It will have ramifications for Americans, just as it will for America’s ability to work with allies and deter adversaries, from Communist China, Iran, North Korea, cartels, and, of course, Russia. The following are reactions from the leadership of the America First Policy Institute’s Center for American Security, Center for Homeland Security and Immigration, and China Policy Initiative.

“President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a direct result of weakened presidential leadership. From our open borders to Afghanistan, Putin saw a weakness of will and seized the opportunity. Where America goes from here depends on the President of the United States, his ability to reset and engage personally with heads of state in Europe and around the world, and with Putin and adversaries to de-escalate matters.” said Lieutenant General (Ret.) Keith Kellogg, Co-Chair, Center for American Security, former acting national security advisor to President Trump, and national security advisor to Vice President Pence.

“Vladimir Putin’s ambition to rebuild the Russian empire won’t stop with his criminal aggression against the sovereignty of Ukraine. The weak and ineffective strategy of the Biden Administration, including its disastrous, Anti-American energy policies, have empowered Putin and now threaten to make all of Europe a hostage. While it is too little, too late to prevent this current tragedy, the credible deterrence necessary to stop President Putin today, and President Xi tomorrow, requires America’s strength and leadership. We must take decisive action that cuts off Putin and Russia from the global markets and institutions that respect national sovereignty.” said The Honorable John Ratcliffe, Co-Chair, Center for American Security, and former Director of National Intelligence under President Trump.

“The world seemed a safer place with the fall of the Soviet Union. Despite Russian President Putin’s nostalgia for the Soviet era and ruthless leadership, no one thought Russia would return to the evil and dangerous belligerence of the Cold War. With Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, it appears this has happened.  It appears we have entered a time of a new Cold War.” said Mr. Fred Fleitz, Vice Chair, Center for American Security, former Deputy Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff of the National Security Council under President Trump.

“Not only has President Putin attacked Ukraine unprovoked, but he has also threatened countries who might intervene. This is a direct reference to Russia’s capability and willingness to conduct cyber operations against Western European and U.S. targets. At the same time, we must ensure that our own borders remain secure — something that the Biden Administration has failed to do over the last year. Our first duty is to protect Americans here in the homeland.” said The Honorable Chad F. Wolf, Executive Director of the American First Policy Institute, and former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security under President Trump.

“Weakness is provocative and contagious. President Trump clearly and directly warned NATO about the twin dangers of Europe’s failure to invest in their own defenses while remaining overly dependent on energy from Russia. Sadly, NATO and President Biden failed to heed this warning. Today’s consequences are felt most keenly by the Ukrainian people and international markets. But the demonstration effect of this failure of leadership is an invitation for aggression in other parts of the world. It is now imperative that the U.S. immediately bolster allies and partners in the Middle East and Asia, if deterrence is to succeed in those vital regions, despite this tragic failure in Europe.” said The Honorable Steve Yates, Senior Fellow and Chair, China Policy Initiative, former President of Radio Free Asia under President Trump.


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