Touring New York: How To Get A Different Perspective On The City

Published on February 18, 2022, 7:52 pm
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New York is one of the most iconic cities in the world, with many recognizable landmarks and lots of different cultures mixed together, it is definitely unlike any other city in the world! There is a reason why millions of tourists are drawn to it each year, but the truth is you can never truly grasp New York all at once. Here is a guide on how to get a different perspective on the city and enjoy it more!

Different ways to go about it

Not a fan of walking around? There are loads of different tours around the city that do not involve walking, although you can expect to travel by air and water! Choosing a Hellotickets NYC tour is a great idea if you do not want to go the traditional route of wandering alone or hiring a tourist guide. Some tours, just like helicopter tours, can allow you to see New York City in a whole different light, viewing it from a bird’s perspective. There are also tours that connect multiple neighborhoods, so you can visit them by bus, instead of walking all the way. Each tour is different and unique, but it is smarter to see all your options and decide on your perfect match.

Ask the locals

If you want to have a good time in NY, having friends who are locals is the best thing you can do. Whilst large landmarks and famous clubs can bring a lot of people to NY, those are not the only things that make the city. It all comes down to the culture, nightlife and people in general. The best way to meet a city is to delve into it head first, let the locals show you around and explore the wonders of New York. It is about the small, unknown places and clubs you’ll want to experience, and the local bakeries and coffee shops you need to try in order to get the full NYC experience! The key is to completely forget that you are a tourist, so forget about your ideas of how NY is, and go and experience it yourself!

Movie sets

A lot of iconic movies and TV shows were filmed on the streets of New York. If you are a movie buff, there are lots of movie tours around the city. This can completely change your perspective on NY – especially since you were so used to seeing it on a movie screen, now you get to see those locations in real life. Taxi Driver, Ghostbusters, American Psycho, and The Wolf of Wall Street are just some of the iconic movies that portray the streets of NY in some way. You can turn this into a scavenger hunt, and seek exact streets and locations from your favorite movies and TV show!

Enjoy the nature

Whilst New York is not exactly a natural habitat, it still has a bit of nature to enjoy. If you want to run away from the bustling streets and crowds of people, going to Central Park is the best thing you can do. Located in the Upper West and Upper East Sides of Manhattan, the park is so big, you almost feel like you are outside of a big city – it is the biggest park in New York, and certainly the most memorable! This is perfect if you like nature and want to enjoy some peace and quiet. Take a stroll or ride a bike – just be ready for the whole 843 acres of it!

Theater and art

Even if you are not a fan of theater and Broadway, you have to experience them in NY, it is a completely different experience and something to remember for the rest of your life! Whilst the city is famous for many reasons, one of them is definitely an art, regardless in what form – from theater and musical performances to the many art shows that are waiting to be seen. New York is far more than just a city with lots of skyscrapers and lots of businessmen running around – the artistic and cultural value is definitely there, so make sure to go to an art gallery or two while you are there!

At the end of the day, there are just too many interesting things to see and experience in a large city like this – so having a plan is essential. Regardless if you are there to see cultural landmarks, museums, restaurants, or whatever else interests you – there is definitely something for everyone! Write down everything you want to do and plan the trip accordingly, or just hop on a city tour and enjoy your time that way!

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