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Published on August 12, 2009, 12:02 am
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Gabriela Herman hails from Newton, Massachusetts but her photographic palette has been vastly enriched by her experiences living abroad.

She learned to eat crepes in the cafes of France, get lost in the zocalos of Mexico, and dance samba in the streets of Brazil, all with camera in hand. Growing up with dual US/Brazilian citizenship, she decided it was only logical to study in Brazil during college at Wesleyan University. Following graduation, that experience led to four more years in Sao Paulo, where she pursued her long-standing passion for photography full time, working for several acclaimed photographers in the process.

Gabriela moved back to New York in the fall of 2007 and currently is a freelance photographer living in Brooklyn.

She was recently honored with first place in Adorama’s ‘One’s to Watch’ competition in NYC and was nominated for a New York Photo Festival Award. Her work has been featured in a Humble Arts Foundation Group Show, Fraction Magazine, Projekt 30’s I(pronoun) show, Beautiful/Decay Magazine and Trucemag. She has also worked for Time Out, METRO NY and METRO International newspapers, the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette and New Voices magazine, among others.

Aside from taking pictures of herself, she enjoys riding her bike in Prospect Park, hanging out on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, and making caipirinhas.

Here is a statement by the artist:

Since I began photographing, I have always insisted on being in front of the lens, becoming part of the construction of my images. Photography has become my therapy, an exclusive dialogue between myself and the camera where we push each other to a point of exhaustion, both emotionally and physically. By inviting the viewer to partake in this intimate process, I am able to free myself from preliminary inhibitions. As I approach other subjects, I take this comfort with me and try to recreate the same intimate setting. Rather than expose the subjects, I provide them with a space where they will feel safe enough to reveal themselves. This process from subject to intimate confidant is what drives me to keep creating.

Gabriela could be reached through her website’s contact information page by clicking here.


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