Partnership To Protect New Yorkers From Extreme Heat

Published on July 27, 2023, 3:51 pm
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As a dangerous heatwave bears down on New York City, LinkNYC today announced a partnership with the NYC Office of Emergency Management and non-profit helpNYC to protect New Yorkers from extreme temperatures whenever the City’s heat advisory program, “Code Red,” is activated.

LinkNYC kiosks are now broadcasting “Code Red” heat advisories on their 55-inch side panel displays with a QR code that produces a list of cooling centers managed by the NYC Office of Emergency Management. The interactive tablet on LinkNYC kiosks also features a new “Summer in the City” button, which directly connects users to the Resouce Navigator where New Yorkers can find additional information on cooling centers and life-saving, heat-related resources.  

LinkNYC’s partnership with helpNYC — a citywide community-based organization that educates, advocates for, and provides direct services to people in need — leverages the LinkNYC network to eliminate barriers faced by vulnerable New Yorkers to access critical aid.

“LinkNYC is proud to partner with City agencies like the NYC Office of Emergency Management, as well as community-based organizations like helpNYC, to ensure all New Yorkers can connect to services that help them stay cool, hydrated, and healthy this summer,” said Nick Colvin, LinkNYC CEO. “Our kiosks are a critical platform for the City and local non-profits to inform our neighbors about the resources everyone in New York can access to protect themselves against extreme weather, from excessive heat and hazardous air quality to dangerous flooding.”

In New York City, over 700 people were hospitalized last summer due to heat-related issues. An estimated 370 New Yorkers die prematurely because of hot weather each summer, with Black New Yorkers more than twice as likely to die from heat stress than those who are white. Currently, about 10% of New York City residents do not have air conditioning at home, and more than one million households across New York lack access to the broadband connection needed to find resources and services to stay cool during the summer.

More than 2,100 LinkNYC kiosks, new Link5G smart poles, and LinkNYC’s five borough-based Gigabit Centers serve as critical hubs of connectivity across the city, helping New Yorkers get online, access City and social services, connect with family members, and more. To learn more, please visit here.


About LinkNYC

LinkNYC is the world’s largest and fastest free public Wi-Fi network. Each Link kiosk provides free superfast Wi-Fi, phone calls, device charging, access to social services, and displays content such as real-time weather, transit info, public art, and local information. The city-wide network has more than 11 million Wi-Fi users and has connected more than 25 million free phone calls. All of LinkNYC’s services are completely free to users and taxpayers, provided by CityBridge, a partnership led by Intersection and Boldyn Networks. The second generation offering will deploy thousands of new kiosks, called Link5G, enabled with 5G wireless technology across the city. For more information about LinkNYC or to find a Link near you, visit

About NYC Emergency Management

NYC Emergency Management helps New Yorkers before, during, and after emergencies through preparedness, education, and response. The agency is responsible for coordinating citywide emergency planning and response for all types and scales of emergencies. It is staffed by more than 200 dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, including individuals assigned from other City agencies. NYC Emergency Management (formerly the Office of Emergency Management or OEM) has rebranded as part of a comprehensive effort to increase the public’s awareness of our presence and role in the city.

About helpNYC

helpNYC is a peer-driven community-based organization that educates, advocates for and provides direct services to people who are in need. We promote Human Rights, Social Justice, and social and economic opportunities. They believe that people are the experts in their own lives is the essence of our work. helpNYC actively works to use technology, best practices, language, and other innovative methods to eliminate barriers and stigmas for those in need to access services, resources, and information from our programs. More information can be found at or by contacting

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