NYC Charter Revision Commission: Essential Information For New Yorkers

Gonzalo Duran
Published on June 23, 2024, 8:12 am
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The New York City Charter Revision Commission, chaired by Carlo Scissura, held a conference in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Ethnic and Community Media to discuss the critical functions and responsibilities of the commission. This body is essential for defining the organization, functions, and procedures of City government. It sets forth the institutions and processes of the City’s political system, broadly defining the authority and responsibilities of City agencies and elected officials. Charter revision commissions, established under state law, review the entire Charter and propose amendments for voter approval.

Carlo Scissura provided a detailed overview of the following topics:

Introduction to the NYC Charter Revision Commission

The NYC Charter Revision Commission has been established to review and recommend changes to the City Charter to improve governance in New York City.

The Charter and The Commission

  • Defines the organization, functions, and essential procedures and policies of City government.

  • Sets forth the institutions and processes of the City’s political system.

  • Broadly defines the authority and responsibilities of City agencies and elected officials.

2024 Charter Revision Commission

  • On May 21, Mayor Eric Adams announced the appointment of a new Charter Revision Commission (CRC).

  • These temporary commissions review the entire Charter and propose amendments for voter approval.

  • Commissions can either propose a comprehensive overhaul of the Charter, like the 1989 Charter Revision Commission, or focus on specific issues, as seen with the 2010 Commission.

  • Commissions officially conclude on the day of the general election.

Goals of the Charter Revision Commission

  • Mandate Greater Fiscal Responsibility: Examine how the City Charter can enforce stricter fiscal policies.

  • Enhance Public Safety: Explore ways to improve public safety through Charter amendments.

Public Hearings

Public meetings will be held in all five boroughs, mostly in the evenings to accommodate more New Yorkers. The schedule of public hearings can be found here.

Attend Virtually

New Yorkers can also attend these meeting virtually via Zoom. The link for virtual attendance is available at

Submit Testimony

New Yorkers can submit written testimony by emailing

Outreach and Engagement

Meeting notices are posted online and translated into Bengali, Korean, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

NYC Charter Reference

For detailed information on the NYC Charter, visit the New York City Administrative Code.

Assistance for Testifying

Conference Q&A Session

After the conference, Scissura fielded questions from reporters. Questions focused on attendance options, language services, and the voting process. The answers emphasized that events will be conducted both in-person and virtually, with media outlets being asked to help spread the word. Translation requests are available, although it is unclear if this service will be offered at in-person events.

One significant question concerned the process for getting a proposal onto the voting list. Scissura explained that the commission decides based on factors such as the necessity for studying, vetting, and reviewing ideas for legality and community feedback. There is no special requirement attached to proposals. Notes and minutes are taken at the events, and frequently raised questions may be considered for future meetings. However, the exact criteria for making final decisions were not explicitly defined.

For more information and updates on the NYC Charter Revision Commission, please visit

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