Hormone Usage Information Countered In An Award-Winning Documentary

Published on April 24, 2012, 5:29 pm
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The producers of award-winning documentary Hot Flash Havoc (www.hotflashhavoc.com), confronting the issue of menopausal hormone therapy – which became controversial following a widely-discredited 2002 Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study – announced today that the film has been released to theaters in over 100 major markets around the country in a campaign that began March 30, 2012.

The documentary was enthusiastically received during a series of private screenings for women’s groups in thirty-two cities across the United States. Hot Flash Havoc is the recipient of the 2011 AASECT Award for ‘Best Audio Visual for Sexual Health’ from the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists.

Dr. Alan Altman, a specialist in menopause and female sexual medicine, comments, “The women of this country should be outraged that they have been misled by the government-sanctioned WHI results first reported in 2002 and ongoing. It is estimated from the WHI data itself that tens of thousands of previously hysterectomized women have died due to stopping their estrogen therapy because of the misrepresentation of this data.”

Executive producer Heidi Houston adds, “We believe the best way to put this information in front of women is to bring Hot Flash Havoc to theaters and allow special access to health care providers who urgently need to see it. This information will save marriages, sanity and – literally – lives.”

Hot Flash Havoc is an enlightening and impactful crash course in what every woman should know about menopause. When the WHI study was released in 2002, millions of women were using hormone therapy to treat the symptoms of menopause. According to the documentary, the taxpayer-funded study misrepresented the results of what they had found, scaring women and their health care providers. Women were told that hormones were the equivalent of a ‘lethal poison’ – increasing their risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia and breast cancer. These sensationalized results led to a media frenzy of misinformation, endangering the health and wellbeing of millions of women. Despite immediate discrediting by menopause experts of the WHI study, which relied on a misrepresentative sample group of much older women, millions of women flushed their hormones down the toilet. Forty highly respected medical professionals, the world’s leading experts on menopause and women’s health – seeking to refute a study that has been termed “morally irresponsible” – participated in the making of Hot Flash Havoc.

The producers of Hot Flash Havoc believe it is of utmost importance to deliver accurate information to women in order for them to understand their healthcare options and take charge of health decisions that will impact every aspect of their lives. With the onset of perimenopause occurring at the average age of thirty-five, menopause is no longer a baby boomer issue, but now affects members of Generations X and Y. By the year 2015, the number of menopausal women worldwide will reach 1.7 billion. The documentary seeks to nullify scare tactic headlines about a taboo subject and educate doctors, women and men by sharing real information from experts in the field.

Hot Flash Havoc, an Angry Monkey Entertainment release, is directed by Marc Bennett, written and narrated by Marnie Inskip, executive produced by Heidi Houston and produced by Houston and Gary Jaffe.

There will be a special screening at:

The American 7
Bow Tie Cinemas American Theater
1450 East Avenue
Bronx, NY

Wednesday, April 25th
Showtime: 7:00 p.m.

Info: 718-863-4900

For more information, please visit here.


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