Commissioner O’Neill Outlines New Partnership Plan To Reduce Crime In Targeted Precincts

Published on January 23, 2019, 3:44 pm
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Declaring that “everyone who lives and works in New York City deserves to live in safety,” Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill today outlined a new initiative to ensure that every neighborhood in New York City – regardless of income level, geographic location or demographic composition – achieves the same level of public safety and crime reduction that New York City has experienced citywide over the last 25 years.

“The murder rate is a tenth of what it once was. Total crime has been cut by 78 percent. We say that we are the safest large city in America, and we certainly are when our citywide crime rate is compared to the other biggest cities in the country,” Police Commissioner James O’Neill said in remarks prepared for delivery. He then said: “We won’t rest until every block in every neighborhood enjoys the same level of safety and well-being as the rest of the city. Your zip code must never be the primary determiner of your safety. And it’s our pledge to ensure that your neighborhood is safe, regardless of where in New York City you call home.”

Speaking at the annual State of the NYPD Address, Commissioner O’Neill pledged to bring together cops, community stakeholders, service providers, elected officials, City agencies and area residents in the coming weeks to create and implement a new vision for six precincts in New York City that have violent crime rates more than twice as high as the rest of the city: the 40, 41 and 42 precincts in Bronx; the 73 and 75 in Brooklyn; and the 25 in Manhattan. In the coming weeks, the Police Commissioner and the executive NYPD team will hold a convening meeting in each of these precincts, to identify the strategies and resources that will be newly deployed to bring crime down in these communities to levels seen across the rest of New York City. Some of the strategies the Commissioner previewed in his remarks included:

“Each of these examples represent what is possible with Neighborhood Policing,” O’Neill said in prepared remarks. “These partnerships are generating the creative and innovative solutions that will bring down crime in these communities. Brownsville can and should be as safe as Brooklyn Heights. Crime can and should be as low in the South Bronx as it is in TriBeCa. We get there when we all come together, talk frankly, and recommit ourselves to this mission. There will be no sacred cows or side agendas – just the urgent mission for everyone in these communities, and all of our city, to come together as one to ensure that every square block of New York City is free from both the threat – and the fear of – crime.”

The new initiative was announced at the Police Commissioner’s annual State of the NYPD Address, delivered at a breakfast event held at the Pierre Hotel. The event is sponsored by the New York City Police Foundation and attended by many of its principal supporters who fuel so many of the Department’s priorities, along with members of the NYPD Executive Staff.

The NYPD also released the 2019 Commissioner’s Report, which includes detailed accounts of key operations and achievements, giving New Yorkers an inside look at how the NYPD keeps them safe. The report highlights many of the Department’s current initiatives and strategies geared towards the continuing goals of keeping New York City safe and strengthening relationships across the city. It devotes significant attention to the NYPD’s Neighborhood Policing philosophy, which is now fully implemented citywide in every precinct and housing command in the city, and will be expanded to every transit district this spring. Other features include information on how the NYPD addresses critical issues such as the opioid crisis, gangs, and the threat of terrorism.

“It is important that the people of New York City know their Police Department,” said Commissioner O’Neill. “This report provides an opportunity to learn more about how the hardworking men and women of this Department carry out their day-to-day responsibilities in serving and securing the safest large city in America.”

The Police Commissioner’s complete State of the NYPD remarks, as prepared for delivery, will be available online.


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