Collection Of Sayings

Published on March 16, 2015, 5:02 am
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To acquire wisdom you have to obtain tons of information. As you are obtaining the information you have to separate truth from lies. In order to do the separation correctly you need to be brutally honest and extremely strong.

It is not really about where you work or what you do, but it is really about who you are, whether there is a sane, open minded, hard working person in you. If he is in you then you will go far in life no matter where you work or what you do.

An intelligent woman is like a prophet from God whom nobody listens to.

To grow a little you have to go through a little. To grow a lot you have to go through a lot.

To get attached to something great you have to break away from your current attachment. As you break away from your current attachment, there is no guarantee that you will get attached to something great. In fact you might just end up worse off than before.

To be one of the best at something you have to let go of all the anger, jealousy, hate… that is in you. You have to clean your mind, heart and soul and then you can do anything you want. To clean the mind, heart, and soul, there are two ways for it. First way is the long way: years and years of sufferings. Second way is the short way: you have to fall in love.

It is not about the “breakthrough” or making it to the top, but it’s about whether you have something to offer.

To lose weight you have to be born again. Basically you have to change your soul.

If you are going to explain yourself to every foul out there, you will end up explaining yourself your whole life. And even then you will never prove your point.

“One man with a gun controls 100 men with no gun” One man with a brain controls one million men with no brain.

A strong economy is not about The Market, or the price of gold, or education, or whatever… but it is about the product. The country that produces the product WILL STAND, it will live/survive as long as it produces the product.

Anything that you did, if it did not come from your heart then it does not count.

To fit in with people whose number one priority is money, you have to make money your number one priority as well. To fit in with people whose number one priority is sports, you have to make sports your number one priority as well. To fit in with hypocrites you have to become one.

“Before things go good they have to go bad.” Before DaVinci acquired the talent he was taken to court where he was charged with sodomy.

If you do not know how to survive or how to live a beautiful life, somebody did a bad job on raising you. You have to change. The change is a slow process. It takes decades to change. It takes decades to change under a good supervision of an intelligent man. Even then, the guarantee that you will change is 0%.

The wiser the man/woman is the lonelier he/she is.

If you have raised a selfish, irresponsible, disrespectful child you should have shown him the good qualities as well.

A man loves everything his soul relates to.

The one who says I have changed, he has not changed. If he truly changed, he does not know it about himself unless somebody tells him, “you have changed”.

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