Ways To Have Fun In The Bronx

Published on October 28, 2019, 6:29 am
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New York City is always perceived by tourists, both domestic and foreign, as an extremely classy place to visit. The media alongside Hollywood movies have painted the location in a light that demands the attention of every person who has ever considered visiting the United States.

However, most of the focus is directed towards places like Manhattan, where people prioritize visiting Times Square or Central Park.

Most try not to visit the Bronx due to often poor depiction from the media. The Bronx is sometimes showcased as the melting pot of violent people with a huge criminal history and even current issues.

However, it cannot be denied that the Bronx is one of the best places you can possibly visit while taking a stroll in New York City. Unfortunately, not all of the worthwhile sightseeing places are known to tourists, which is why we’re here you tell you about the best way you can have fun when visiting the Bronx.

Visit the Bronx Zoo

Do you love animals? Of course, you do! Who does not? Well, the Bronx Zoo may be the best place you can possibly visit not only in New York City but the whole United States as well.

It is the biggest metropolitan zoo in the US and has as many as 4,000 animals inside. All of which you can see in relatively “open space” cages, thus giving you a unique opportunity to see how they approach their daily lives.

The Zoo is huge, to say the least. It covers around 265 acres of land which you can easily walk through and enjoy. The place has been designed to suit the tastes of lovers of both flora and fauna, so do not expect a barren wasteland where animals just lay there without doing anything. It is a lush mini forest to be precise.

Considering that it is near West Bronx you would be able to approach it without too many difficulties. There are multiple subway stations nearby, but there is always the option to go for an Uber or a yellow cab, but it is going to cost a bit extra.

Either way, it will be a nice way to spend the day. And spend the day you shall, the place is huge.

Visit the Yankee Stadium

There’s no US trip without a good game of Baseball. Everything about the game just screams the USA. So why not give yourself the most authentic Baseball experience of them all.

The Yankee Stadium, which was named according to the city’s great Bronx Bombers also known as the New York Yankees is a great way to spend a large part of your day and experience “over the top” game food that US stadiums are popular for.

However, the experience you will get from visiting the stadium will largely depend on the date and time you arrive in Bronx. It is not like there is a game every day, so it could be a bit hard to coordinate with all of the other things you will definitely want to visit.

So, the best way to experience Yankee Stadium is to pre-plan the whole thing. Meaning that you simply go to the website, see when the next play is going to happen, book the tickets and structure your trip according to it.

The tickets are not necessarily very expensive but make sure which teams will be playing during your visit, as the prices could vary.

Empire City Casino

Although the true identity of gambling in the United States can be found in Las Vegas, New York City also has its take on the activity we were often introduced to through numerous Hollywood movies and theatre performances.

Gambling in New York City has been romanticized in numerous novels to a point where people directly avoid these venues in the East thinking it is something of a criminal ring that will leave them penniless by the end of their visit.

That cannot be further from the truth. The VIP casino which can be found in Empire City is all about catering to the visitor’s demands, thus making your stay as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible.

However, make sure that you have your wits about you when you visit this location or any casino venue in the country for that matter. Do not let the free drinks and snacks win you over and simply focus on having fun.

The best way to structure your day in Empire City, without having to postpone everything else on your trip is to visit the place with a budget.

Grab around $200-300 per person and try out as many games as humanly possible. It may not lead to a profitable conclusion, but at least you will have had fun, experienced gaming in the United States and gotten it all through a reasonable amount of money.

It is best to visit Empire Casino in the evening as that is when you get to see the true attractions of gambling in the Eastern United States.

Hop on a Pizza adventure

It is quite shameful to say this but, NYC has managed to steal the title “Capital of Pizza” from Naples a long time ago. So, it would be double shameful if you didn’t hop on a pizza adventure while you’re breezing through its capital.

There are just too many places to name and give you a pre-made route, so it is best that you concoct one yourself. One thing we can say for sure is that there is absolutely no lack of pizza joints that you can visit.

However, make sure that you choose a route that takes you to different parts of Bronx as it is a very nice way to align other sightseeing and fun activities with your pizza breaks. Make sure to go with the New York style first, which is just good old mozzarella cheese and Marinara sauce.

Once you have tasted the most exquisite slice, it will be time to vary your toppings a bit. The best ones so far are simply pepperoni toppings with some olives or mushrooms.

If that does not improve your Bronx experience by at least tenfold, then we’re not even sure what will.

Make sure to go for just slices though, as New Yorkers like their pizzas quite large, so it could be a bit hard to handle all on your own.

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