Bronx Car Dealer’s Con Game?

Published on June 22, 2010, 10:57 pm
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I went to Nissan to lease a new car for my daughter’s graduation present as I had promissed her. I spoke to a salesman called Pablo, saying I could put $500 down and asking what my payments would be. He said he would be right back, then went into the office to speak with his boss, came back and said he could give it to me for $199 a month. I said “Great, I will take it!” and my daughter was all smiles.

I am her hero – what could be better! She picks the car she loved and we could take it home tomorrow. I came back the next day. We were then sent to a new person, Alex, who got out the contract and said that the price does not include all these other fees. I asked how much now. $244 he said and my daughter looked at me – well, OK, let’s do it.

I waited 3 hours and then I was sent to Julio: he said we could take the car home that day. My daughter sat in it – it was her dream! Then Julio said “oh, now your payments would be $261”, because my credit score was just below 700. What now – looking at my daughters eyes? OK,  let’s do it. Lets see – the tax was not included in… What! The salesman put down all these extra fees, destination charges, etc. – now you are telling me he didn’t put down the tax!? Well? He said everyone knows you have to pay tax. What now – $293 a month – are your crazy! $199, $244, $261, now $293! My daughter, she looked so sad and I said “OK, but I will call the BBB on you”, which I did.

If my daughter never came with me or sat in the car I would have never bought it, they played on this fact and are not a dealer I will ever go back to! IT WAS A RIP OFF!

As submitted by a concerned reader.


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