All 18 Teams Ready For Dota 2: The International 2022

Published on September 21, 2022, 8:19 am
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The International 2022 is the 11th edition of the Dota 2 World Championship. The tournament is scheduled to take place between October 15-30, 2022 in Singapore. 

In total, it will feature 20 teams, and 18 of them are already known. The final 2 will be revealed right before the start of the tournament, based on the results of the Last Chance Qualifier.

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The 18 Known Participants of The International 2022

Twelve of the 18 teams that have already qualified for The International 11 received their invitations based on their Dota Pro Circuit results. The top 12 teams were selected.

The other 6 teams were decided based on what happened in the regional qualifiers. One team from each of the 6 regions was invited to take part in the event. So the winners of the qualifiers will be at TI11 too. 

The 2nd and 3rd place teams from each region will play in the Last Chance Qualifier and 2 teams in that tournament will be given the opportunity to play at the most prestigious Dota 2 event of the year. The prize pool will probably be somewhere between $15 and $20 million.

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The 18 teams that will take part in the tournament are these:


PSG.LGD are by far the number one favorite but many will challenge them. This year, there are a lot of strong teams in the race and the Chinese squad will need to play flawless Dota to succeed.

PSG.LGD finished the Dota Pro Circuit in 1st place but lost enough key matches to not look unbeatable.


All 18 Teams Ready For Dota 2: The International 2022

OG will be competing with a roster that was put together at the start of this season, right after TI10. All of the players are young and it is not yet known whether Ceb will be part of the team or not. In any case, OG have excellent chances of finishing in the top 6 because they’re a very strong team with excellent leadership.

Team Spirit

Spirit are the current TI champions and their results in 2022 have been reassuring. The team won a Dota 2 Major, did well regionally and finished 2nd at Riyadh Masters, which was the biggest Dota 2 tournament of 2022 apart from The International.


Beastcoast is South America’s greatest hope at this tournament. Their chances of getting a top result are quite small, but you should expect this team to finish in the top 12. If they play well, they might even finish 7th – 8th.

Team Aster

All 18 Teams Ready For Dota 2: The International 2022

Team Aster are not that strong but they do play well thanks to having highly experienced players like Monet and BoBoKa. Being a Chinese team, their training regimen is probably intensive, so we can expect them to do reasonably well. They’ll probably finish somewhere between 7th – 12th.

Thunder Awaken

Thunder Awaken, despite their excellent results in South America and their DPC rank, will likely get eliminated early. This team proved in the second part of the season that they are much weaker than the international competition.

BOOM Esports

BOOM have an excellent roster and a great captain in the person of Mushi. Based on what we have seen from them this year, they are likely to finish around 7th – 12th.


Unfortunately for TSM, despite their decent results during the regular season, they are likely to fail at TI11 and finish 13th – 16th or even 17th – 20th. This team is quite overrated right now.

Tundra Esports

This is a good team but they lack strong leadership. Aui_2000 is their coach and that should help a bit because he is a former TI champion with Evil Geniuses. But most likely, it will not be enough to save them from early elimination.

Gaimin Gladiators

Gladiators are one of the most overrated teams at this tournament. They received a direct invite because of their results in the first half of the season, but in the second half they went from 8/10 to 3/10 or less.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses have the potential to be a top 6 team but it all depends on their tournament form. They could get a great result or fail miserably. In a worst-case scenario, expect them to finish 13th – 16th.

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Fnatic are completely overrated and don’t have the potential to climb higher than 13th – 16th. In a worst-case scenario, they might even finish 17th – 20th.


Soniqs proved to be a capable team regionally, but their ability to deliver in international competitions is questionable. They may do well but there is a high chance that they will get eliminated before the final 12 teams get decided.


Hokori are one of the prime candidates for the 17th – 20th positions. This team has absolutely no chance of getting a good result at this competitive level.


Entity will likely prove to be one of the tournament’s dark horses. If they play as well as they did in the regional qualifiers, they will finish in the top 6 for sure.

BetBoom Team

BetBoom are not one of the top teams, but they do have two very experienced players: RodjER, who won half a dozen Dota 2 Majors with, and SoNNeikO, who has more than 8 years of experience at the highest competitive level. Together, they could take BetBoom quite far.

Royal Never Give Up

RNG have one of the most talented and accomplished rosters in the tournament. Their players are practically the former PSG.LGD members and could easily finish in the top 4 at this edition of The International. They’ve already finished in the top 3 several times before. 


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Talon Esports

Talon Esports have 2 impressive players: 23savage, who is probably one of the world’s strongest position 1 players, and kpii, who is a former TI finalist. However, they probably won’t finish higher than 9th – 12th.


The International 2022 will be one of the greatest gaming events in the world for this year. If you’re a gamer who enjoys being up to date with what is going on in this industry, you should absolutely watch it.

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