A Collection Of Sayings

Published on September 27, 2014, 4:50 pm
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-To remodel a house takes one year. To remodel a soul takes a lifetime.

-Connecting with nature is connecting with God because God is in nature.

-To raise a dog you have to spent at least 3 hours a day with him. How much better is a child than a dog?

-Scientology can change your life. Moving to another state can change your life. Money can change your life. But only stress can change your soul.

-Weird, unusual people have 4 stages in life:

1) Some people are foolish.
2) Most people are foolish.
3) You guys are foolish.
4) I was a fool.

-A real man is someone who can face the reality, “My best friend is a crook and I am even worse than him.”

-“Take care for your car it will take care of you”. Take care of your family it will take care of you.

-A man who is not attached to anything is a free man.

-A man who does not do evil to others has an attractive face.

-Angry people see angry people where they are not to be seen.

-Q: What does a wise man and a fool have in common?
 A: They both do not know who they are.

-Its pretty cool to defeat your enemy but what is better is to rise above his foolishness.

-If a small fool can bring you down then the big fool will destroy you.

-People who listen to their heart wont fit in with people who don’t listen to their heart.

-Slowly but surely you got into it.  Slowly but surely you can get out of there.

-Making $20 an hour when nobody knows it is worth more than making $40 an hour when everybody knows it.

-If you don’t do any immorality while wasted then you are capable of anything as long as you put your mind to it.

-Dirty soul cannot create a clan relationship.

-You are what you eat. You are what you read. You are what you watch. And you are the people you hang out with.

-If you don’t enjoy it without the $, you wont enjoy it with the $.

-Fast changes are fake changes. True change is a slow, painful, complex process.

-An honest man wont last long in a company full of crooks.

-People that are alike hang out together. Is it possible that this world is full of super wise people but the reason we do not see them is because they only hang out together?

-If you can not solve small problems then you can not solve big problem either.

-Live your life as if people expect you to lose. That way there is less pressure on you to succeed.

-If someone is making fun of you all the time, never exclude the possibility that the reason they do it is because they love you.

-What is important is not to make it to the top but what is important is to make a product of top value then it will take you to the top and stay there.

-You wont find a good girl among bad girls.

-The one who saw the most knows exactly who has seen how much.

-If you want an enemy, help out a fool.

-Its better not to give an advice when not asked for one even when you know that your advice is a genius advice.

-“Eyes are the window to the soul”. A beautiful soul has beautiful eyes.

-The end is also the new beginning.

-Who is the winner of an argument? Suppose I win the argument, does that mean I am right?

-In order to be happy you need to pay for all the evil you have done in the past. The earlier you start paying for it the faster you will pay it off.

-A beautiful soul creates beautiful work. A dirty soul creates dirty work.

-If small things irritate you then the big ones will kill you.

-A skyscraper that fell in 10 seconds cannot be rebuild in 10 seconds. A relationship that fell apart in one minute cannot be rebuild in one minute.

-It is better not to have any opinion than a strong, solid, foolish opinion.

-If you can not complete a small assignment, you will never completer a big assignment.

-People who want to grow must be ready to leave people behind and they must get ready for a lot of disappointments.

-What did Jesus mean when he said, “The prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you”?


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