Why Do We Have To Write Essays?

Published on October 01, 2021, 8:01 am
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Endless academic tasks coming from your teacher might often seem a chore. Many students wonder why writing essays is perhaps the most popular assignment on the list. While it might not look like the best way to spend time, college writing helps learners a lot more than their teachers. It is not just about assessment: composing texts develops your logic, makes you a better writer, and gives you something money can’t buy: confidence. All these results do not come cheap too because writing a good essay requires discipline, attention, and time. However, the useful qualities you gain for life are worth it. Read on to find out why we have to write essays and why it is a good thing. 

Academic Perspective: How Essays Make Your Learning Better

Written assignments are a good source of information about the learner, as teachers often say. That is right: from the academic perspective, essays are very important while assessing your progress, and there are several reasons why it is actually nice.

  1. Your writing shows how well you can organize your thoughts and ideas. The strict requirements like a well-crafted thesis, topic sentences, and a strong conclusion are there to teach you to create custom texts that convey your vision convincingly and powerfully. Teachers assess you according to the criteria that describe a good text. So, if you think that persuading people is a useful skill that does not come for free, you should know that writing essays is its price.
  2. Researching the topics connected to your future profession prepares you for practical challenges. The professors want to make you an excellent expert, so they create the tasks that will shape your professional identity. It does not matter if you want to work online or offline because communication with every customer will affect your business. Writing can help here because it forms a habit to look for the newest data in your sphere of interest and remain well-informed. Without this quality, it is hard to develop trusting relationships with your colleagues and clients.
  3. If you write essays well, you are sure to develop a profound knowledge of English. A fluent speaker enjoys the freedom of saying exactly what they want without external help. If you write a really good paper every week or so, you can achieve this level and stop thinking about the best formulations because they will come to your mind automatically. You will find the personalized arguments for real-life cases almost instantly, earning respect and support from your colleagues. Moreover, this argument is not only for international students because academic tasks make you use all the words you know, making them easy to remember later.

Psychological Perspective: How Essays Strengthen Mental Health

The papers we write do not just make us good at expressing our opinions and thoughts. Moreover, being an excellent speaker who can even order food impressively is not the only takeaway either, although those are all essential skills. If you look at your daily activities before and after one month of intensive academic work, you might find that your actions have become more rational and well-organized. It is also possible that you will begin to research the implications of your decisions and will ultimately find better ways of completing various tasks. These habits can come from creating essays, film or article reviews, and any other works your teacher might ask for. 

Looking at the process, we can see it is not about sitting down and instantly typing a well-structured text. You have to brainstorm and select top ideas first, making it possible to create something original and interesting rather than another dull and unexpressive set of words. The psychological need for self-expression comes into play here, challenging the students to get it right no matter what. It might be tiresome, but as soon as you look at the topic through the research lens, you’ll get excited, making connections between what you have to write about and your daily life, developing an in-depth understanding. Therefore, essays are not as boring and intimidating as they seem at first glance.

Still, it is never easy to write a great essay from scratch. This activity always demands a lot of time and effort. Sometimes, hours of googling does not bring any results, and no credible website has the right data. That is why asking for assistance is entirely fine, even if you have no friends or relatives with academic background. For example, Custom Writings is a professional essay service that guides the students from the UK and the USA throughout their writing process and provides quality examples. Alternatively, you can consult your professor or the most skillful writers in your class. The main thing about overcoming these challenges is trying until you find the right method. Otherwise, it is impossible to succeed.

Learner’s Perspective: Why Writing Essays is Useful for Your Career

Nowadays, almost all companies emphasize soft skills: communication, emotional intelligence, and character traits that correspond to professional duties. Essay writing has seemingly nothing to do with it, and it is partly true: nobody will check how many assignments you completed when you get a job. As you might have already guessed, presenting your best qualities effectively will be the primary task there, and that is why your efforts while studying matter so much. After all, the managers know that the employees develop good quality of service and a helpful attitude through good speaking and writing skills.

The company will expect you to do the following:

  • Logically present your ideas and thoughts. A customer might ask you for assistance or you may have to persuade your leader to accept your innovation. Whatever the case, everyone will appreciate it if you can speak clearly.
  • Find out additional information to make your job better. In the managers’ eyes, there is no one better than a worker who proposes creative initiatives. Your insider knowledge about the services supported by rigorous research can give you a significant advantage.
  • Have a great command of spoken and written English. A good professional always knows the right words to use and never asks to repeat the instructions. It is something so necessary it often goes without saying.

This list might have looked a little familiar to you. That is because it corresponds to the skills that essay writing gives you listed at the beginning: you can review and compare them. Overall, this activity develops our soft and academic skills that can further our careers later. That is why we have to write essays.

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