Top 10 Gaming Innovations In The Last Decade

Published on November 27, 2020, 8:50 am
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The gaming industry is a billion-dollar industry and things have certainly changed throughout its history, especially over the last decade. These days, you can game on numerous consoles as well as your smartphone and if you are looking for new casinos to have a flutter, you can visit South Africa online casinos and they will tell you where to go and what to play. It is all part of the way our lives have changed and how technology has aided in that change.

All of these technological advances have made the gaming industry worth a whopping $150 billion! And with that predicted to grow to a staggering $200 billion over the next three years, it is pretty obvious there is loads more to come. And that is incredibly exciting.

So let us take a trip down memory lane at the biggest innovations in the gaming world in the last decade to give us a wee taste of what may come.

  1. Mobile Gaming
    Taking your console with you, everywhere, was a game changer. Your phone is now your computer, iPod and games console all in one and all in your pocket. Smartphones and tablets paved the way for gaming to become so much more mainstream and for us, the biggest and best innovation, full stop.
  2. Graphics
    As technology increased at rapid speeds, so did not just our console’s software but the hardware we were playing on. High definition graphics on 4K TV’s revolutionised it all and their relationship with each other is just getting more and more heavy.
  3. PS4
    Sony really went all out with their 2013 release and it became the fastest selling console to date. Shooting them to the top of the gaming ladder, the Playstation 4 and its Pro sequel blew all competition out of the water. Seven years later and thank the heavens the PS5 is here! But will records tumble again?
  4. Streaming
    From MTV to YouTube to the new generation of streamers, gaming’s biggest personalities are now forever at our fingertips as Twitch launched in 2011. By 2014 the $970 million company got taken over by Amazon but it is still the premier streaming site for a generation of kids to watch people game whilst taking a break from gaming.
  5. Rebooting the Classics
    The memories that games like Final Fantasy XII and Resident Evil bring will never be forgotten, but now a whole new generation can experience the same excitement firsthand. The ability to remaster a product and bring it up to a new speed has seen many reboots outsell their originals with further sequels on the cards.
  6. Augmented Reality
    Nothing took over the world quite like Pokémon Go and with technology blending our smartphones with classic games, it is set to be the future. From table hockey on your kitchen table to full blown obstacle courses in your backyard, it certainly took some out of the box thinking to create.
  7. Voice Recognition
    Again one of those things that is getting better with time, being able to control various aspects of a game by your voice just adds to that feeling of immersion, and immersion is the most important thing to any gamer. As AI develops, actual conversations with characters are destined to be on the cards.
  8. Online Multiplayer
    With online multiplayer you can game from your living room and your friends from theirs. The advancement of internet speeds goes to show that gaming developers are able to think outside the box and roll out some absolute diamonds sometimes. No wonder games like Halo and Fortnite are just so profitable.
  9. Motion Control
    The key to Nintendo’s success, playing bowling in your living room by actually bowling that ball was complete genius. The Wii was nothing short of pure cool and the addition of VR is just going to take it to another level.
  10. Virtual Reality
    Although it seems like we’ve been waiting an incredibly long time for the hype to manifest itself, VR is destined to propel gaming into a new stratosphere. Since the Oculus kick-starter campaign of 2012, VR has been available to one and all but maybe the fact that it hasn’t really hit yet is testament to just how big this will be.
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