Online Entertainment Bringing The World Together?

Published on May 30, 2016, 2:23 pm
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The world we lived in is a thing of the past. The world we live in is constantly changing, but is it a good thing? When our parents were young, the ways of entertainment were so elegant, so simple.

Times have changed, and there’s now more power to entertain ourselves within our own hands than ever before, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. From CDs, to video recorders, to the home phone, to real-world casinos, job interviews, child-birth and even the television, online entertainment is changing the way we live, and it’s so easy to do, well, quite literally anything, but is online entertainment bringing the world closer together than ever before?

One needed a video recorder to record moments like child-birth, and to share them was unthinkable. However, times have changed.

A California man has filmed his child’s birth, and streamed it live on Facebook Live. Now, this isn’t entertainment of sorts, but it is a sign of just how far the world has come, and how crazy it can be because of our ‘online entertainment options.

Years ago one would need a hefty recording device, and would only share the story with love ones. Now over 90,000 people watched it live. Oh, how things have changed. 

Also on streams this year we’ve had BuzzFeed reporters exploding watermelons using elastic bands, and BuzzFeed trying to interview President Barack Obama.

Online entertainment has changed. No longer do we go and buy a CD, and many of us no longer “buy” music. We choose to stream on outlets like Spotify. For around £10 a month one can listen to any song – new or old – whereas, for that price, one would walk away with one CD, good or bad. Now we are saving money, getting more music, and it is all easier than ever before.

We can do just that on our mobile phone, which has vastly replaced the house landline phone across the world. If you thought that was crazy enough, you’d be shocked to realise that many households are not using, or getting rid of their televisions. Video streaming using Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other sources, has overtaken the traditional television. Why watch it on the sofa when you can watch it on the way home from work, or better yet, in bed?

A little over a decade ago we would go to the arcades, and have friends spend the night at our home, all so we could game together. Now the online culture has changed the way we can game. We can game, and chat, with one another, all at once on various online platforms. Being social with many people, saving time, all from the comfort of one’s own home is now more easier than ever. 

On top of that even bookmakers and casinos are changing. We can now have far more fun, with better odds, all from digital casinos, and with much more exciting casino games online, why would we waste time and money travelling to them? Groups would get together for a beer down the pub, and a trip to the casino, but now with more options, better prices, and the ability to chat with many people all at once, many are encouraging the digital life, especially where the casino is concerned.

Crazier yet, many are conducting job interviews via Skype, saving time and money.

To enjoy all of these pastimes one would spend a lot more money, and a lot of their valued time to do such things. Now, with online entertainment, it is well and truly changing the way we live our lives. With more changes expected in the next 10 years, who knows who we will be living our lives in the next ten years?

Although things continue to change, and some traditionalists dislike it, it is for the better of mankind. We are saving money and time, and with more competition than ever before via digital means, we are likely to continue enjoying online entertainment, all whilst building our bank balance.

What’s not to like? 

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