NYCEDC’s Plans For The City & Bronx

Published on August 31, 2016, 2:46 am
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Year after year, New York City transforms. Our beloved city matures with each new generation. New buildings are built, as are new shopping malls, and new landmarks that soon become a part of our families’ routine and weekly rituals.

For us, it happens before our very eyes, and we perhaps notice it during our morning commute or while reading a newspaper article. But for the people at New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) they are hard at work every day creating a New York City for its current residents and the generations to follow.

There are many exciting projects being worked on that aim to ease the daily lives of New Yorkers, such as the citywide ferry service that is hoping to fill in the gaps which are the missing links of transportation throughout the city. Aside from fixing our transportation needs in various ways, the NYCEDC also hopes to boost Staten Island’s economy with the New York Wheel and mall on the North Shore. Every day Staten Island experiences an influx of commuters. As profitable as the hordes of people coming to Staten Island would seem to benefit the borough, most commuters go back to the ferry and do not spend very much time on the island itself. To help bring more money into Staten Island, the NYCEDC believe the New York Wheel and mall would be a wonderful opportunity for the Staten Island economy.

NYCEDC is doing the same for the other four boroughs, as well. For Bronx, NYCEDC has high hopes of bringing in new jobs with the Hunts Point Food Distribution Terminal.

“The Hunts Point Food Distribution Terminal is an incredibly critical asset the city owns that the NYCEDC manages. Here we have more than a hundred businesses, and close to 6,500 jobs.

This is where most of the food that feeds all of us New Yorkers comes from,” NYCEDC’s Cecilia Kushner’s said. “The goal here is to modernize facilities so that the market remains competitive.

We can bring new businesses and new jobs into this section of Bronx.”

They are also working on giving the Edenwald community a recreation center by planning a YMCA in the area. “It will open in 2020, with a full sized pool and basketball court, everything that the community has been wanting for multiple decades. We are really excited to see the transformation come to bear,” she said.

“NYCEDC’s aim is to create a thriving city,” Maria Torres ­Springer, President and CEO of NYCEDC said. “We are unlocking potential in communities that weren’t invested in.”



New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is a not-for-profit corporation that promotes economic growth across New York City’s five boroughs. It is the City’s official economic development corporation, charged with using the City’s assets to drive growth, create jobs, and improve quality of life. The agency has its headquarters in Lower Manhattan.

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