New Age Is About Outside The Box

Published on April 16, 2009, 10:40 am
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Living in Bronx has been a great experience. Being born at Fordham Hospital in 1966 and growing up in Fordham Hill and seeing it now there is a big difference.

What was once a not so diverse place to live has changed into a great place to live and learn about other cultures.

From the morning until evening people used to walk up and down Fordham road, some window shopping other’s shopping, going to the movies.

The Parks were great as well I remember the Devoe Park in Bronx near University Avenue, Poe Park but with the economy the way it is, you see less people in the park enjoying them self or just sitting on the bench relaxing.

With this being an Election year for elected officials like the Borough President and City Council members, etc we as concerned citizens we need to look for a change in the pace. The Plans that are already out there for Affordable Housing, Park Revitalization needs to be looked at from a different perspective. It is not rewarding to Residents who are out of work to watch these activities take place without being a part of the work force.

Construction, the projects that are still going on Politicians need to think about how we can help our residents by offering a percent of job opportunities in the contracts for new development and revitalization projects.

The unemployment rate is increasing but it is anticipated that some people who are unemployed have not filed for unemployment because of the residency status. We need to ensure that our Political representatives that are voted in are thinking outside of the box.

We need creative individuals in Political office so that we can ensure proper negotiations for residents of the community.

As residents of our own communities we know what it is we need in order to make it through this recession that according to Ronnie Lowenstein of the IBO (Independent Budget Office), will not rebound until mid year of 2010.

The fact is that even though the recession will end companies will be playing it safe and will not immediately begin hiring once the recession is over.

We are in a position that we need to think of Districts as small towns and begin to campaign to bring jobs to the community, make usage of the Not for Profit resources that are in the community. Most of these Not for profit organizations will have inside information on jobs, medical assistance, Childcare, Computer training, and more.

When we vote for our next Political representative for our community we must vote in a person that is not a member of the political family but someone who is innovative and thinking of ways to help the residents get through the recession.

Speaking of the Bronx we are in need of Affordable apartments but we need long term Affordable housing. Everyone should be aware that a problem with Affordable housing is that the term will expire and the bill brought forth by City Council may still not qualify you depending on your income status.

Please do not get caught up with the hype and not research is these Affordable housing prices are being set for the existing residents or for residents in other districts.

On a special note I want to add that Section 8 even though is not accepting any vouchers are still available for victims of Domestic Violence, and by Court order from the courts and for some seniors depending on the status.

In this economy we need to take a look at all current issues and to create more resources needed in case we become Homeless, or out of work with no medical insurance and we get sick. Someone needs to be looking out for our interest and we need to ensure by placing our vote for the best Candidate who is thinking outside of the box proactively.


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