Bronx Residents Needs Help Fighting A Disease

Published on January 09, 2017, 11:34 am
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Shameth Diaz, from Bronx, recently launched a Go Fund Me page to help raise money to cover medical expenses on an Arachnoid Cyst that was found in the back of his brain.

Bronx Residents Needs Help Fighting A Disease

His surgery is on January 11 at Lincoln Medical Center.

We encourage anyone who can help to please do so by donating here.

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Shameth’s story follows below.

“Hello all, my name is Shameth and until recently finding out that I have large Arachnoid Cyst  measuring at 7.6 cm between my Cerebellum and Occipital lobe (back left part of my brain) forcing the bottom portion of my brain out of my skull; I was just enjoying life and doing my best for my family and myself.  

Due to the size and the location of the cyst, it directly affects my motorskills, balance and also vision. Making simple things such as walking up a flight of stairs difficult at times. While also dealing with constant pain, some days more painful then others. 

My surgery is scheduled next week on the 11th, in which the doctors will conduct a 3-4 hour procedure that has a 70/30 success rate to remove the cyst and also allow my brain to return to its natural place.  

Being an athlete your taught to push yourself even when you feel like you have nothing left, though there is always more. Over this past year, I have experienced symtoms, but I only thought about them as a mere headache or just being tired from balancing work, training and parenting. Though the symtoms have worsened. Therefore forcing me out of work for quite sometime.

As each day goes by, excitement grows within. Not out of worry or fear, but more so out of relief that this constant pain in my head will soon be gone and hopefully I can go back to living painfree. These past couple of months since my diagnosis have been a challenge in itself, but I am looking forward to a better outcome with this surgery. 

I would like to thank each and everyone one for your support and preyers for me and my family during this time. Again donations will be for medical and living expenses. Every little bit counts and is very appreciated! 

Thank You!”

Shameth Diaz


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