What Are The Benefits Of Betting In 2022?

Published on February 21, 2022, 5:33 am
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The advent of the internet brought a revolution to several aspects of our lives – entertainment, dissemination of information, and many others. With access to an internet-enabled device, people can now perform several activities from anywhere and at any time. One of these activities made easy through the internet is betting. Gamblers no longer have to visit a betting shop to place bets or claim winnings.

Over the years, online gambling has been shunned and spoken against. People have been advised to bet responsibly or deter completely from betting. Despite all of the backlash, the industry has continued to thrive – peaking at a market of over $53.5 billion in 2019.

A Brief History of Online Betting

Online Casino

Today, gamblers can visit websites like Mightytips to check for predictions and betting tips to maximize the possibility of their winnings. These sites have in-house tipsters such as Evelyn Balyton who can provide you with smart tips and analysis that will help you win your bets. Balyton has a track record of providing accurate predictions and securing winnings.

But online betting did not start this way. Before betting sites like Rivalry Bet and 747 betting site became best friends to gamblers, the whole journey began sometimes in the ‘90s.

The history of online betting can be traced back to 1994, when the government of Antigua and Barbuda enacted the Free Trade & Processing Act. The law permitted companies who wished to start online casinos to receive licenses.

A few months after implementing the Free Trade & Processing Act, far away in Europe, Microgaming was established. Microgaming started as a software company, and it created “The Gaming Club” – the world’s first fully functional online casino. Players of The Gaming Club used their computers to gamble away at several casino games. And this came at a time when people were still trying to understand how to use the internet. Over two decades later, Microgaming still stands tall, maintaining relevance and proving itself as a beacon of innovation in the world of online gambling.

Another breakthrough in online casinos came in the following year, 1995, through CryptoLogic. The company introduced the use of real money, which was the only thing that was lacking in online casinos at the time. The company created InterCasino, an online casino that offered players to bet and earn real cash. InterCasino is still very much functional today.

Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting followed immediately after the establishment of online casinos. The first sports betting website went live in 1996. After the launch of this website, other bookmakers followed suit in creating their websites. New companies on the betting block also came into the scene. In no time, the competition became tough, and bookmakers had to create special offers, bonuses, free bets, and other freebies to gain the attention of more customers.

By 2002, bookmakers introduced a new feature. Customers could be watching a live event and decide to bet on it. This particular feature led to an increase in gamblers, and online betting sites became more patronized than local betting shops.

Online Poker

Online Poker did not begin until 1998 when Poker Planet, a gambling website, was launched. The website suffered several technical issues, such as low speed, but this did not discourage gamblers from spending their time and cash on the site.

Paradise Poker, another poker website, was launched in 1999. It features several poker versions like Omaha, Five-Card Draw, Seven-Card Stud, etc. The site, like a magnet, attracted several players from different walks of life.

Like casino and sports betting, several poker websites have emerged over the years. Many of these websites even have mobile and desktop applications that make them more accessible. Gamblers can also play online betting using GCash, a virtual wallet that allows you to fund your betting wallet at a very fast speed.

Benefits of Betting in 2022

In over two decades that online betting has been introduced globally, the betting industry has grown significantly. Pundits can now pursue their passion for betting or utilize their knowledge in several sports to win cash.

At a time like this, there are immeasurable reasons why you should spend time on betting sites trying to book games. Some of these reasons include:

  1. Accessibility: Ease of access is arguably the most significant change that revolutionized the betting industry. Betting in 2022, you no longer have to worry about getting to a bookmakers’ shop before starting a game. You can check odds for any game, any sports, and place the bet from anywhere, at any time. The whole transaction takes very little time, and you can return to your normal daily activity. However, if you were to visit a bookie, you would have had to wait in line and pray that it gets to your turn before the event begins.
  2. Bonuses: Many sports betting sites give new customers amazing offers or even free bets for their first booking. But it doesn’t end there. From time to time, there are always mouth-watering offers that you cannot get from a bookie or another competitor. Welcome bonuses, VIP rewards, free bets, and so on – the bonuses are limitless.
  3. Variety: Before, you would have to go to two different bookmakers to bet on two different sports. From a single betting site, you can place bets on ice hockey in Canada, NBA in the US, Premier League in England, and IPL in India. Variety, they say, is the spice of life, and betting in 2022 provides that variety for gamblers.
  4. Excellent Odds: Online betting websites provide excellent odds compared to betting at a gambling shop. These odds offer pundits the chance to make huge profits on every booking. It also improves the betting experience and attracts more customers.
  5. Safety: Online betting sites provide safety for both bookmakers and punters. On the one hand, customers can avoid illegal or side-betting. If you go to a local betting shop, you might find an unregistered bookmaker offering outrageous odds for a game, and you will be tempted to bet on it. In the end, you might find out that the bookmaker is a fraud and your money has been lost. On the other hand, bookmakers are prone to mistakes in accepting and paying cash. Online betting solves all of these problems by providing a safe and transparent environment to perform gambling activities. You can fund your online betting using GCash and not worry about being robbed or mugged by tugs at a betting shop.

The Bottom Line

Gambling has and will continue to convert some people to overnight millionaires. The benefits are endless. However, it is advised that people should gamble responsibly. Avoid greed and use prediction sites like Mightytips to increase your chances of winning.

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