We Often Overlook How Deep & Pervasive Our Community’s Struggles Are

Published on December 31, 2020, 1:38 pm
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Kingsbridhe Heights Community Center (KHCC) was not founded to provide emergency services – we invest in the human condition and catalyze community advancement through education, opportunities, and support. However, we respond nimbly when our community is in crisis.

Our day to day is about supporting working families to not just get by, but to support them as they thrive – through early childhood education, expansive afterschool programming for youth with special needs and those typically developing, career and college cultivation and preparedness. Yet, our emergency services are ever present when someone falls on hard times, finds themselves needing food, mental health services, housing assistance. 

2020 revealed how long and how tough circumstances have been for our community in that security and planning for the future disappeared in the blink of an eye. Through our “Day In The Life” video series, I shared my experience working alongside my dedicated team of colleagues to pull resources together and support families impacted by CoViD-19. When the pandemic struck, KHCC was able to meet the overwhelming needs of the community by quickly scaling the services of our food pantry, trauma therapy program, and case management program, KHCConnect. January’s resolutions to save, eat healthier, self-care, buy your own place, take a vacation and so many others – feel miles away today. So many families are in pain, loss and desperate for a brighter day. The human condition reminds us that only together we bring about that brighter day.

As we look at resolutions for the 2021, we will invest and rebuild! Thank you for investing in what we will make a reality. 

Wishing you a healthy and joyous New Year! 

Margaret Della


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About Kingsbridge Heights Community Center

The Kingsbridge Heights Community Center (KHCC) was founded in 1974 by a group of passionate community organizers. The group was led by three neighborhood women: Mary McLoughlin, Patricia Burns, and Janet Athanasidy.

Upon hearing in 1972 that the 50th Precinct was moving out of its turn-of-the-century building on Kingsbridge Terrace, the three jumped at the opportunity to realize their vision for a community center.

KHCC provides resources to empower Bronx residents from cradle to career to advance education and well-being for a vibrant community. We achieve this in an environment that fosters academic milestones, literacy, mental health support, nutrition, technology, and the arts.


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