The Setup

Published on May 26, 2013, 4:35 am
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In an effort to tell his story, Mr. Oliver Mitchell, the VA whistleblower from Los Angeles, reached out to The Bronx Daily to share his accounts of the events surrounding his disclosure.

The whistleblower told The Bronx Daily that after his resignation from the VA, he relocated to Mobile, Alabama for a fresh start but quickly found himself submerged in a plot to take his life. He provided us with a post from blog he created to tell about his story.

See his post below:

Many of you have asked where is the Life After The VA post. That chapter in this saga is a painful one and involves so many innocent people that I am taking my time writing it. I understand that without that chapter it might be alittle difficult to understand the Setup. So here it goes.

So it seems my ex had a hand in the destruction and ruin of my life. As I write this Im still heartbroken and angry at his betrayal. You see from my understanding Ms. ….. and my ex conspired together to ruin me. His job was to lure me to Mobile, Alabama, dispose of me by any means necessary and retrieve any documents related to my case. As it turns out there are many players in this game all with the same mission to destroy me.

In June, 2009 as a result of the discrimination I was prompted to file various complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Federal Labor Relations Authority, the Office of Special Counsel and the Office of Inspector General. The documents I provided to those various agencies cast the agency in a bad light. If that information fell into the wrong hands or someone with the know how to advance the issues it would be damaging to the agency. Thus the reconnaissance mission.

Now as I look back and after consulting with various people in the know, I am certain this was all a setup from the beginning. You see, all of those agencies I mentioned above, say they found no wrong doing or any merit to my claims. However, that was just a ploy to discourage me from pursuing my claim. Unfortunately, their efforts caused more damage than good.

As you have already read in the New Claim, I am back in the complaint process some two years after my forced resignation with the same facility where this all began. But I pose this question to you the reader. How does an ex-employee end up in a discrimination dispute with an employer he separated from over two years ago. My answer is, its all being orchestrated and manipulated.

While I was in Mobile, Alabama another VA employee also named ….. arrived to do some reconnaissance and surveillance of me. I knew from the very start who she was and what her mission was. I have always questioned how a VA Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor by way of Nebraska, ends up in Alabama with full knowledge of all my complaints and a hand full of questions. It was not until her arrival that things in Alabama went array.

My ex pulled a gun on me and stated I deserved to die. I was hit by a car. I found hidden surveillance equipment in my house. My food was being poisoned and I ended up in the hospital with thousands of dollars in hospital bills. To make matters worse I received little to no assistance from the judicial system because the word was out. I am a whistleblower with no protections. Now it all makes since. Without the Office of Special Counsel whistleblower protection I became a moving target.

I have provided an email exchange to go along with my story. I am sure many of you can read between the lines to discover their plot.


Re: (No subject)
From: oliver mitchell
To:     …… 

Yes I kept the police reports, the emails and voicemails. 

It got so bad that the housing community where I stayed had extra security just for me and then in November, 2012 they actually bought me out my lease and asked me to move elsewhere.

Like I said this is some crazy sci fi stuff.

As a matter of fact this other ….. keeps trying to get me to move to areas that are very isolated (Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego) and predominately white (not that I have a problem with that) she says there trying to protect me and that ive become a target.

So I keep asking her and everyone else, who am I hiding from and why and all I get is silence.

We had that conversation on or around the 1st of the month and I haven’t spoken to her since then.


From: ……
To: oliver mitchell 

That’s quite a tale, Oliver. Did you keep an emails this other person sent to you? 


From: oliver mitchell
Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2013 2:01 PM
To: ……
Subject: Re: (No subject)

Ok, here’s the skinny.

I don’t know what’s really going on, but this is tragic.

I moved to Mobile, Alabama after I resigned, initially everything was good.

I took that money and started a home based business and after the first year I was set to expand and I wanted to hire some vets as employees.

Then all of a sudden my ex began acting up and before you know it all hell broke loose.

Next thing I know there’s all kinds of people CLAIMING to be connected to the VA asking me about what happened at WLA.

Well, it wasn’t any of their business so I kept quiet.

Eventually, I applied for Voc Rehab and that’s where this other ….. came into play.

She started with all the questions and then it turned into, they’re going to kill you, how many people know what happened, we need to get you out of Mobile and she went as far as to hint that my ex was going to die too.

I know this sounds crazy but believe you me its not.

After everything that happened the police told me they couldn’t help me and to contact my family before I ended up dead in Mobile.

My house was broken into and we found surveillance equipment in the house.

Then the dreaded rumors.

I started hearing that I was a whistleblower and a bounty was on me and that’s when the police and a judge told me to fear for my life and get out of Mobile.

I don’t know if my ex was up to something or if those other people were up to something but im tired man.

I cant find a job and the only job offer I got was from the Mobile Police Department and that was in January ’13.

Now im back in LA and things aren’t any better.

I got offered a job at the Vegas VA but after all this im going to die talk and there after me talk, I declined the offer.

I really wanted to go as I thought Vegas might be ok, but now im not sure and ive already declined the offer.

NO job, at ends with my family and im homeless trying to survive off $250.00 monthly.

It aint easy but I now wish I would’ve just quit rather than go thru this.

Im tired, im tired of worrying and crying I just wanna be left alone.

I didn’t mean the VA or anyone else any harm but what happened to me there was painful enough.

Now there is this new complaint.

If f im going to die because of those complaints, im sorry but lets just get it over with, im tired of worrying and I cant take this anymore.


From: ……
To: oliver mitchell
Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2013 8:15 AM
Subject: RE: (No subject)

That sounds awful, Oliver. What’s her last name? She shouldn’t be saying anything like that to you. 


From: oliver mitchell
Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 2:29 PM
To: ……
Subject: Re: (No subject)

I know it wasn’t you. I know who she is and where she works in WLA but at this point I’m tired. If they’re that mad at me I’m sorry at this point I just wanna be left alone. I don’t know what her deal is but this lady has been saying all kinds of horrible things and everything centers around my death. So now I just ignore her and have asked for a new counselor. She works on the VBA side. Thank you anyway.


From: …

To: “oliver mitchell”
Subject: (No subject)
Date: Wed, Apr 17, 2013 1:42 pm

Oliver, rest assured that was not me telling you to run & hide! Sorry about your recent troubles & your health. 


From: oliver mitchell
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 9:35 AM
To: …
Subject: Re: (No subject)

Ok – here we go again. I just received the new decision from Policy & Compliance but before I begin id like to clarify a few things. There is / was another GS-12 employee from the VA named ……. as well and for over a year now she has been telling me to run and hide because the VA is after me, im going to die, call the secretary and such forth. Truthfully, I was VERY happy in Mobile, Alabama but for the life of me I don’t understand why things happened the way it did there. People literally have me fearful to come back to the VA. I guess my whistleblowing reputation followed me because I sure didn’t tell anyone. My health is FAILING and I just cant take anymore of this. I truly like the VA despite what I went through but I don’t want to be or should I say I cant afford to be persecuted anymore. Please, what do these people want. I moved clear across the country for a fresh start and that was to be away from here and allow us some time to heal from those traumatic events and now im back where we left off. You’ve been with the VA or years and you’ve worked in various different capacities. I’ve grown fond of you despite were on opposite ends of the table. Will this ever be over, will I be forever labeled, will I ever be able to go back to the south and can we all just move along. I have my own theory as to why this is happening but its just that. I truly want the VA or should I say the medical center to clean up its act and live up to the greatness the VA has to offer, considering its the largest VA within the system, but without me. So in closing I guess were back to negotiation’s now. Now what? Btw the way I missed the last few holidays so im catching up happy belated holidays!


From: oliver mitchell
To: …
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2013 3:46 PM
Subject: Re: 

I never imagined that this situation would end up the way it has. I returned to California after being run off from Alabama and things appear to be worse here. My own family is telling me there are street rumors saying im the next “chris dorner”, people I haven’t spoken too since I resigned are popping up everywhere with the same non sense and they work there. You know I googled the word whistleblower, wow is all I can say. You know I thought I was doing the right thing by coming forth with those allegations and this has turned out to be the worse event in my life. Call me naïve, but im totally disillusioned with the agency at the moment. Don’t get me wrong I still like the VA but im feeling highly persecuted. My own loved ones have turned against me just collect a so called bounty. We should be ashamed of ourselves. I didn’t want anything per se but my life is up side down now as a result of this nightmare with this one facility. I must be the VA’s most wanted.

Have a great weekend! 


From: …
To: oliver mitchell
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 1:18 PM
Subject: RE: 

Wow Oliver… seems like things are pretty crazy for you right now. I was hoping that you’d be experiencing less drama in ’13. But at least you found a job—that’s a good sign. Hang in there!


From: oliver mitchell
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 12:46 PM
To: …
Subject: Re: 

This may sound funny but I just wasnt sure who to ask. Is there a bounty on my head? 

Omg I seem to be having the worst time here in Alabama. It seems my crazy ex (the same one who gave me hell in LA) really is crazy and im not getting any help or assistance from the police, courts or judges. 

As a matter of fact they keep telling me to hire a lawyer and sue. I dont understand why they just wont lock him up after his admissions.

I had to flee my house and now ive been offered a job with a local police department there, but im not sure if I should go back. 

I know you wouldnt be able to tell me if so but I just had to ask. This IS exparte and im deleting this afterwards. 

When will this end? Im trying to move on. Btw Happy New Year!!


From: …
To: oliver mitchell
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 12:01 PM
Subject: RE: 

Thanks, Oliver—you too. It’s status quo on this end (which is a good thing I suppose). Hang in there & keep the faith—things will get better in ’13!



From: oliver mitchell
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 9:17 AM
To: …


Hope all is well. Can you tell me if the powers to be will ever get there finger off the button. It seems that I cant seem to get a job anywhere and its frustrating.

Happy Holidays and best wishes.



So let’s dissect this for a moment. I am told in 2011 that I will have a future claim. From 2011 to 2012 I go thru hell, I am being watched, I am being setup and now in 2013 I have a new discrimination claim. Additionally, your telling me to hang in there! What kind of nonsense is this? I am human too and I have a life of my own. I have no desires to be caught up in some internal/external socio-political affairs. I have moved on or so I thought. 

On March 4, 2013 I was informed via conversation that I was indeed being setup and that Ms. …… was the one orchestrating this. My source went on to say, “they will never let you go, they keep drawing you back, they are trying to use you to shed light on the problems and in the process ruin you, they are making a target out of you and most alarmingly” she says I “have been chosen”. Chosen for what, target for whom? Is it open season on blacks? Did you force me back to California, to teach me a lesson and make me an example for others? 

You see it is not the fact that I filed the complaints; it is the fact that Iam black and had the nerve to file those complaints. But still does that warrant taking my life, ruining my reputation or pushing me towards starvation and poverty? Better yet did this warrant any illegal experimentation you were doing on me? 

In hindsight, as I recount the events in Alabama I am wondering if the VA had anything to do with the situation. I could never get a warrant for my ex arrest despite the overwhelming evidence. My business was ruined and it seemed that the harder I worked to get it going, the harder people worked to shut me down. I was treated like I was a wanted fugitive. When I listen to the audio clips of the VA employee telling me I have been chosen and they are using me, I wonder is it true. My life has not been its own since the day I left the VA.

A recorded phone conversation follows:


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