Order Of Notice In Family Cases To Jhonny Ceballos

Published on August 10, 2012, 10:06 am
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JD-FM-168 Rev. 12-10
P.B. §§ 11-16, 11-7.25-28

Judicial District of New Haven at New Haven
Plaintiff’s name: Yessaia, Gabriel
Defendant’s name: Ceballos, Jhonny
Notice To:
Party to be notified: Ceballos, Jhonny
Docket Number: 12 405 1971
The Court has reviewed the Motion for Order of Notice and the Complaint/Application/Motion which asks for custody of children and order for court hearing 09/06/12 at 11:00 a.m.
Court Order
The Court finds that the current address of the party to be notified is unknown and that all reasonable efforts to find him/her failed. The Court finds that the last known address of the party to be notified was 1310 Nostrand Ave., Bronx, NY 11226.The Court Orders that notice be given to the party to be notified by having a State Marshal or other proper officer place a legal notice in The Bronx Daily, a newspaper circulating in Bronx, NY containing a true and attested copy of this Order of Notice, and, if accompanying a Complaint for divorce (dissolution of marriage), complaint for dissolution of civil union, legal separation or annulment, or if accompanying an Application for custody or visitation, a statement that Automatic Court Orders have been issued in the case as required by Section 25-5 of the Connecticut Practice Book and are a part of the Complaint/Application on file with the Court. The notice should appear one time before 08/25/2012 and proof of service shall be filed with this Court.
Assistant Clerk Gina Kilian (signed), 08/03/2012 (date signed).
Robert S. Miller (signed)
State Marshal
New Haven County

**To see a copy of the notice, please click here.


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