No God, No GED, No Guns, And More

Published on June 01, 2022, 7:27 am
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I have a Zoom on my mind that will help New York City and the world. I asked the City Council to act and reiterated my request today.

It should be apparent to all that Thou Shalt Not Kill or murder is one of the Ten Commandments and people all over America are guilty of No God. But it is more than just that, because the list is long. I have been with Klein, Walcott, Fariña, and Bloomberg and DeBlasio advocating for more than they ever did. I have been a guest speaker at DOE headquarters. I saw things and see things that need quick action and not months and years of delay. I have had my eyes on Banks and Adams. It is now June and the first 100 days have passed in the new administration. Can Buffalo happen in New York City? Can Uvalde happen in New York City? Can they happen in Islip where I live? And I am in a New York State of mind.

The desertion from church in the Bible Belt two decades ago was greater than the dropout rate from school. I learned that after retiring. But people act as though it is a small problem. And people did not know that only about one person out of every hundred adults earned a GED across our nation each year. They saw GED programs, jobs where the GED was needed, and other things and did not know. You should have seen the eyes of Reverend Al Sharpton roll when I told him that 2.85 million adults in New York State did not have a diploma. And he said “I didn’t know that.”

So what does government know that I don’t know? People thought that most people earned a GED and that was far from the truth. Then the reports started flowing forth, particularly after I spoke with David Jones at a citywide meeting that started at Pace University and ended at another location. Congressman Charlie Rangel and I also had a great talk which amounted to nothing.

Nikolas Cruz (Parkland Massacre), Payton Gendron (Buffalo Massacre) Salvador Ramos (Uvalde Massacre) are names now known to the world. And it began with hate at a young age. These are just a few of the mass shootings and not all of them are committed by teens. Men also commit those atrocities. But where was the prevention before the gun was obtained? I just did an outreach into Buffalo and explained my view, thanking that community for opening up to me and telling one of its major players that Buffalo needs a “Muhammad Ali” right now to fight for that community. They have brought out sports figures that I noticed and that is awesome, but much more is needed now. People are in pain and much stronger messaging is needed.

And I am not done with God and the battle to save lives. I turn to the media such as Epoch Times, Free Republic, Freedom’s Phoenix, Conservative Voices USA, Prophecy Update, WLVRNS or conservative content from around the web, and more where I noticed that is a God given right not to have lockdowns when there was a lockdown in the Bible which later led to the Exodus from Egypt. Remember the plague that God sent? The Epoch Times billed its viewpoint as God vs. Collectivism just the way it might use God vs. Collective Bargaining to make my point. Practice what you preach? Who are these people citing God and which God is it (really) that is being cited? Which religion?

Karl Marx (1818-1883). There must have been some other Marxist or communist that gave US and all of us Pikuach Nefesh, Jesus Saving Lives on the Sabbath, and the Quran saving one life is like saving all of mankind or humanity. For economic reasons Trump caused hundreds of thousands of lives to save jobs. True Stalin was worse as he instituted “economic” policies that killed millions of people in the Ukraine and elsewhere. And it was the White House that made a call to the Jewish community of Brooklyn, New York in the middle of March 2020 asking the people there to observe social distancing to keep people safe. And it was in Israel that a leading rabbi who almost died from CoViD-19 stated that we have to take it seriously. Still rabbis continued on the wrong path as the study of Talmud became more important than saving lives. And Christians also chose to open churches and so did Catholics before they should have.

And those patriots who cite God, helped cause lots of illness and death that we have to deal with together just they way we deal with the aftermath of the attack on 9-11. I wrote early on that to play in Marseillaise at a secret religious event in a basement in France during Nazi occupation would result in the capture and deaths of those people, but nobody listened. Freedom of speech is the playing of a patriotic song and I will now add the playing of The Star Spangled Banner to that message. That kind of patriotism is not the kind of patriotism of our greatest who save lives in battle.

And that leads me to Hungary where Donald Trump appeared with other conservatives who support Turning Points USA and at that conference or convention there was silence in the name of what? Tolerance for a man who has called Jews “excrement” and has diminished Black people? That same silence from right wingers, haters of Jews got us into more violence against Jews leading up to the Holocaust and to today. You can see Candace Owens and others talking about The Bible and family and that chaos leads to dictatorship. She also pointed out to Marxism in a You Tube that is on the website of CPAC. And they covered a wide range of things including the right to contest the Election of 2020 and vaccinations and freedom (their freedom). And their talk of economics and no income taxes and more.

It would great, I feel, if my views were presented to a wide audience of CPAC and others in communities around the world. I did not point to Marx and socialism at all. Did I? My view is based on facts from centuries or more before Marx. CPAC may be right about certain facts, but historically wrong. The leaders and attendees and the CEO of Parler can agree that all views should be expressed in a “free society,” but that is what took place in France after 1894 and people got killed and injured as society could not handle it. And we have to think right now about Buffalo and shooter there who was influenced by what they call The Great Replacement Theory. Candace Owens, a Black woman, chose to align herself with freedom and family and she has remained silent about far too many things. That is typical of what took place under Stalin, Hitler, and other powerful men and nations. And in a town like New York City my views should be in the news as well.

Are their “alternate” facts made popular by Trump the truth? Obviously not! They are opinions.

And then there are those Christian Nationalists which it just a kind of repeat performance of the 1930s when Hitler was trying to take over America from within (not to be started by his Luftwaffe at all). Here is the list back then: Christian American Guard, Christian American Builders, Christian Free Press, Christian Party, New Gentile, the National Protective Order of Gentiles, Friends of Progress, and the National Minute Men and Women of America. And the work of the latter took US into a new development.

Here is what you can learn of one man whose name was Robert Noble whose activities were highlighted in November 1941. I could have written about “Lucky” Lindy or Charles Lindbergh.

A mock impeachment of President Roosevelt took place.

The notes taken back then include

Germany put its people back to work and FDR failed.

Germany had driven out the “Jewish Banker.”

Under Hitler, every German had a good job and pay and two weeks vacation.

The American media was pushing us (Noble speaking) closer to war and preventing people like Lindbergh from having free speech.

No troops sent to England to help.

FDR should be impeached.

And the vote was 16-1 at this mock event. There would be another event in one week for the Senate Impeachment.

Noble said that FDR disregarded the “will of the people.”

FDR was accused of “mental incompetence” but more than that including “greed” and causing US to head to war. Noble had to adjourn the meeting which would be continued the following week.

That next meeting took place on December 06, 1941 at 08:00 p.m. and there were many speeches in which people called a madman “our brother, Adolf Hitler” and Japan was called “a glorious nation.” It was late and vote to impeach was still not taken and the meeting was postponed until December 11, 1941.

I think you see the parallel here where members of CPAC are calling Hungary and its leader great and speaking highly of the freedoms that Hungary and other Eastern European nations have. Stalin knew how to diminish Jews and others. Putin is doing the same thing right now. Victor Orban of Hungary is the right person to permit that right now and he has done that for more than a decade in power. His strong messaging against immigrants and homosexuals even reminds top Israelis of those Holocaust days. Steve Bannen called Orban “Trump before Trump.” And Orban was sure that Putin would not attack Ukraine. When Polish, Slovenia, and Czech prime ministers went to Ukraine to show support, Orban was absent. Any gesture of support back in March became quickly policy to sit on the fence and get his ration of gas from Russia.

And we can even turn back to the Founding Fathers of the United States and its history and Judeo-Christian foundations. President George Washington wrote a letter protecting the Jews that has been on display in the Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island. And a team of so-called American patriots could not even open their mouths against a man known to Jews as an anti-Semite at the CPAC in Hungary. This is a stain that people across our nation should know.

Martin Danenberg was a teacher on the Lower East Side of New York and then became a G.E.D. teacher until he retired in 2000. His work is now more known than ever as he has reached out to people in politics and beyond. His ideas about helping American recently surfaced in the Election of 2020 as Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden spoke out to help people with education.