New York Businesses Seek Reassurance Amidst Safety Concerns

Published on June 07, 2022, 5:41 pm
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Following reported concerns over safety and violence in the City, the NYPD met with prominent business leaders to set out its plans to improve safety. After high-profile incidents involving commuters, company owners and directors are understandably eager to ensure that their employees are safe getting to and from work.

However, it is not just the commute that can prove dangerous to employees. In fact, a significant number of people sustain injuries and illnesses at work, which makes the workplace relatively high risk. Fortunately, there are steps that businesses can take to improve workplace safety, including:

1. Risk Assessments

You cannot reduce risks until you know exactly what those risks are, so it is important to carry out assessments regularly. When you conduct a detailed analysis of your workplace, you can identify potential hazards that have been previously overlooked. This allows you to implement safety procedures to mitigate the risk before anyone gets hurt.

2. Anonymous Reporting

Many workers feel reluctant to report safety concerns to their employers as they fear repercussions, such as being fired or not being given subsequent promotions. Anonymous reporting provides employees with a confidential way to report their concerns without fearing a backlash. While encouraging employees to voice their concerns openly and establishing a culture of trust should also be a priority, anonymous reporting can encourage workers to alert management to possible safety risks.

3. Safety Inspections

Safety procedures and protocols are only effective if staff follow them. Conducting regular inspections will help ensure that safety practices are followed companywide. Although external organizations, such as OSHA, may conduct safety inspections, you do not need to wait for an external inspector to arrive at your premises to start assessing staff compliance. Instead, conduct regular in-house safety inspections to ensure that safety procedures are being fully implemented.

4. Regular Breaks

When workers are tired or stressed, the risk of accidents and injuries can increase. Due to this, encouraging staff to take regular breaks throughout the working day can help keep them focused and reduce the chances of someone getting hurt. Providing employees with break rooms or rest areas can be an excellent way to embrace a safer culture at work, for example.

5. Business Insurance

You cannot always predict when accidents will occur, so companies are required to take out workers compensation in New York. Even if you have implemented effective safety measures and taken steps to reduce the risk of accidents, there is still a chance that an employee could get hurt while they are performing their duties. If so, workers compensation NY will protect your company’s liability and enable the injured employee to obtain the compensation they’re entitled to.

Making Workplaces Safer

Every employee has the right to work in a safe environment. Likewise, it is a company’s duty to provide a healthy workplace as an employer. Whether you are running a brand-new startup or a thriving enterprise, prioritizing workplace safety will enhance your company culture, reduce the risk of accidents, and even boost staff performance.

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