High Times

Published on May 23, 2018, 8:20 am
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The world is changing at a very fast pace. This change is not just in the technology but also in socially accepted things.

4/20/18 was the first 4/20 since the State of California allowed retail sales of the social drug marijuana. The State honoured the slang phrase for getting high during many events. 

Weed events 

You would be surprised to discover the number of things that people can do as they get high. The biggest blowout will be in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. What better place to have a weed party than on Hippie Hill. 

Other events failed to take off because the authorities refused to issue permits for the events. A lot of big-name celebrities graced the events. Many rappers where part of the stars that were getting high with everyone else. 

Things that were done on the day include something that is called Restorative Ganja Yoga. The venue for this event was Cambria. Lazy stoners in Hanford watched the classic weed flick, “Up in Smoke”. Just like gambling in Texas, the Dolores Park fun run was another top event in San Francisco. Participants had a choice between the 5K route and the 10K route. 

420 origins

The phrase “420” is now part of the Oxford dictionary. “420” has been a part of the colloquial language for more than 40 years. Five boys from San Rafael High School in Northern California coined the code. 

“420” is now used to refer to getting high or marijuana. Bands including the Grateful Dead and the Deadheads helped make the phrase popular. There were also publications including in the High Times which helped make the code for getting high so trendy. 

The Waldos, as the guys who came up with the phrase call themselves, are the grandmasters of the day. These five guys have secured their position in history. And they did not have to win a real money at the best online casino or something else just as newsworthy. Their claim to fame is deciding to go hunt for a secret weed garden at 4:20 p.m. in 1971.  

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