Forget ObamaCare, Let’s Do Syria

Published on September 02, 2013, 6:15 pm
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It is not good to be in a habit of cynicism, and I try to stay away from it. Let’s forget the ObamaCare mess. Now we are going to change the subject and create the Syria mess.

I cannot see how Syria can turn out good. There are no good guys here. The choice is the least evil and whoever that is will possibly end up with the poisonous gas and its factories. Regardless, most deaths are by conventional warfare.

For years I was controller of a local corporation. Each year I would put the comprehensive health insurance plan for bids. I would spec it as a family plan with a low family and individual deductible, a high lifetime limit, and the insurance company had to pick up preexisting conditions. This worked well to keep costs down and guaranteed a high level of service. I personally tracked all claims. This was easier than dealing with employee complaints and I did not need worker distraction.

The family policy was about 20 pages long and the company policy was about 50 pages. That covered all I needed to know to administrate the program and even then was full of unnecessary legalese. This 2,000 page health bill was submitted in a manner that did not allow the Congress adequate time to analyze and make implementation procedures plans, cost analysis estimates, and program maintenance/management cost estimates. In other words “Due Diligence” was not performed. In my business as a CPA I would lose my license for such a negligent act. If my act were too egregious it could be considered criminal.

Years ago an insurance company wanted me to license to sell health insurance. It really was not my thing, but I did learn a lot. I had to be licensed in each state to sell the health insurance product. The license requires a specified number of hours of training and now there is continuing professional educational to renew the license. This is very technical training. It is not just about selling insurance but also knowing the product and the industry so the end user is properly served.

My concern with what has come to be known as ObamaCare is it is actuarially unsound. The fact that it is adversely front end loaded on young workers will be a disaster. The complexity of the product is essentially “theft by deception”. The lax and unintelligent manner in which people are recruited to market the product is wide open to leave the citizenry subject to identity theft and several other fraud schemes as unscrupulous scum gain access to policyholder and patient information.


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