Financial Markets Closing

Published on August 20, 2012, 6:20 pm
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Germany’s Bundesbank stepped up criticism of the ECB’s bond-buying program, citing its significant stability risks.
Belize was unable to make $23 million bond payment due today.
U.S. Bancorp upgraded by S&P to A+ from A on outperforming competitors.

DJIA: 13,271 (-0.03%)
S&P500: 1,418 (0%)
Nasdaq: 3,076 (-0.01%)
EuroStoxx: -0.20%
Nikkei: +0.86%
Hang Seng: +0.71%

Lowe’s missed expectations, with an EPS of $0.65 vs. street’s estimate of $0.70 and revenue of $14.25 billion vs. estimate of $14.44 billion. The miss was cited to potentially be from the company offering fewer promotions due to its “everyday low price” model, and unseasonably warm weather pulling demand into Q1. The company cut its EPS guidance for the year to $1.64. It previously saw $1.73-$1.83, with the street estimating $1.80.

WTI Crude: 95.97 (-0.04%)
Nat Gas: +2.09%
Copper: -1.43%
Corn: +2.04%  One-year High

EURUSD: 1.2346 (0%)
DXY Dollar Index: 82.486 (-0.13%)

U.S. 10y: 1.8053% (-0.5bp)
German 10y: 1.509% (+1bp)
Spanish 10y: 6.282% (-16bp)
Italian 10y: 5.773% (-1bp)


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