Artist Savane Mahamadou

Published on August 02, 2010, 11:27 am
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Mr. Mahamadou Savane is a young artist from Africa who lives in the United States. His interesting journey took him from the coast of Senegal, where he was born, to Ivory Coast where he met his destiny.

Indeed it was there that he discovered his passion for art in the most interesting manner. He met an American Art dealer who introduced him to painting. Mr. Wolf did not know then that he was about to inspire a young talent. Soon Mr. Savane made up his mind: he was going to be an artist!

“When Mr. Wolf first showed me fine art paintings, I was fascinated. I immediately decided that one day I will a painter!”

The young man still had a long way to go before turning his dream into reality. In 2001 he was in the United Stated and right away began his search for an art school. Unable to locate one right way, he decided to study programming. He will do that in the meanwhile. He completed his course in A+ and Networking. But his passion for art will not leave him alone. So in 2002, he went to Minneapolis, Minnesota where he finally began his Art studies. He was a devoted student. After graduation, having studied fundamental Art, he engaged into the study of Western Art. This was the opportunity to learn a great deal about classic and Modern Art as well. He was now more comfortable about developing his talent which he did with gusto.

“Painting is a pleasure!” He said. “I had great support from friends and families. I was also very fortunate to have the support of those close to me. I have been painting nonstop ever since I bought my first brushes. It’s been seven years now!” He plans to continue in the same vain! When Mr. Savane talk about his art there is unmistakable excitement. There is no doubt that we have here a true talent. An artist devoted to his work and willing to put his might into it.

Mahamadou Savane was born to a Toucouleur father and a Mandingo mother. He grew up in Senegal and travel to many African countries including Ivory Coast and Cameroun. From his voyages he gathers a wealth of imagery and emotions that transpired in vivid rendition . One may speak of a thematic of color. The abstract forms adorned with a zest of cultural input tell the wandering of a mind in tune with the world. There is a touch of surrealism, a je-ne-sais-quoi of modern style (audacity of color and symbolism), while the artist signature is always present. One can tell some American influence in the refinement of texture. He also maintains an African inspiration, very clear in the bravura of his constructive collages. The result is a particular painting style that makes a bulk of his artistry. Collage is his favorite medium. After so many years of trepidation he is now ready to present his work to the public. He was fortunate he said to have met Mrs. Dorothy White who presented him with the opportunity to have a one man show at a New York gallery. He would be enchanted to welcome friends, brothers and family as well as the large public alike to his opening.

September 10th – 13, 2010 at the gallery located at 10 east 18th Street, between Fifth Avenue and Broadway.

Opening hours:

Friday – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Sunday – 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Monday – 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


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