9 Necessary Questions To Ask When You Are Buying An Engagement Ring

Published on January 17, 2023, 5:17 am
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A wedding is the best day of your life. You do not want to compromise on anything because it is the most awaited day for you and your partner. The wedding is a beautiful ceremony where two people come together to celebrate their love and exchange rings and vows. Engagement rings are a symbol of belonging and love, so choosing a perfect wedding ring is a big responsibility. 

So, if you are ready to shop for your wedding rings, this post is a good read for you. The article discusses some essential details and questions regarding wedding rings, which every customer should probably ask the jeweler before buying it. Scroll down to dive into these details.

9 Necessary Questions To Ask When You Are Buying An Engagement Rings

  1. Ask Your Jeweler About The Make Of The Ring

The make of a diamond ring signifies its origin, design cut and other details. It is best if you pay attention to details like these. For example, if the stone is from a different country and is designed and manufactured in another country, you want to be sure that its quality is at par.

  1. Request To See A Trusted Grading Report

A grading report is like a report card of a student. It talks about the 4C’s of a stone which declares the quality of the ring. Two of the most reputed gem labs in the world are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the AGS (American Gem Society Laboratories). When you visit a jewelry store to buy a wedding ring, you must ask the jeweler to present you with a grading report from either of the two gem labs. In case they do not have a grading report from these prestigious labs, they must inform you about it.

Most jewelers will present you with a grading report beforehand to give you quality assurance. However, if it does not happen, you must think twice before buying a ring.

  1. Is Engraving An Option?

Engraving a wedding ring with your love philosophy is always an added touch to empower your love. While you walk through a jewelry store to get your wedding ring, you ask the store representative if there is a choice of getting your rings engraved.

Most jewelers are open to taking your choice into account. However, some do not offer such extended services. If you are determined to get your engagement rings engraved, it will be wise to research and narrow down your search at selective stores giving engraving options.

  1. Ask About The Stone’s 4c’s

The 4C’s in the jeweler world are like the four pillars of a house. Unless you are 100% used to the 4C’s of the jewelry piece you buy, you must not buy them. Color, clarity, cut and carat comprise the 4C’s. You must prepare yourself before visiting a jeweler so that you can ask the right question from the store representation.

  • Cut: Most people think that the “cut” of a diamond or stone refers to its shape. But little do they know that when a jeweler describes the cut of a stone, they refer to the quality of the way the diamond was given the shape. The more precise the cut, the better the shape of the stone.
  • Color: The color of a diamond is decided based on a grading scale. The grading begins from D to Z, which indicates white or colorless in the stone. For example, a D grade is given to a pure white stone, while a Z grade is given to stones with yellow or brown tints.
  • Carate: If you have purchased jewelry before or researched it, you might know what the carate stands for. It is the weight of a piece of jewelry that makes all the difference. However, there are many idiosyncrasies and precise details that you need to know. The bigger the stone, the heavier it is in weight. Well, this is just a strange myth. Yes, it does, in a way. But not all diamonds are 100% pure; therefore, their weight might vary. 
  • Clarity: Common people cannot identify the small imperfection in a diamond. But diamond experts grade the quality of a stone based on a grading scale that indicates color and clarity. GIA or AGS grades the stone based on its imperfection in VVS1 , VVS2 and VS1 grades. These ranges signify very, very slight imperfection of the priceless gem.
  1. What Warranties Do You Offer?

Most trusted jewelry stores offer a warranty program to give customers the surety of their products. When you receive a warranty card with your purchase, it gives you the authority to ask for an exchange, damage repair, maintenance services and other perks. The warranty program has a set duration under which you can ask the jeweler to fix the problems. Most likely, you receive a warranty for one year, starting from the date of your purchase.

  1. What Insurance Do You Recommend For The Rings?

Wedding rings are priceless for every couple. You never want to lose it, but if you are realistic, you know that there can be circumstances that can lead to such events. Thus, you must realize that it is a significant investment and securing it with insurance is a wise thing to do.

  1. Clarify The Return/Exchange Policy.

It is always better to know about the return and exchange of a store before you buy anything from there. It may not be necessary, but it’s best to know about the possibilities to avoid any confusion. Suppose the ring does not fit well, or your partner does not like the design; you can always get it exchanged or returned.

  1. Would You Recommend A White Gold Or Platinum Material For The Engagement Ring?

While choosing a wedding band, couples often get confused between platinum and white gold. Both are good metals, but there are a few considerations that one should keep in mind. White gold costs much less in comparison to platinum. But if you talk about durability, nothing can beat platinum. Its value is high due to its reliable and durable nature.

For example, if you want to stick to a particular budget that does not fit the price tag of a platinum band, you can go for a white-gold band. However, it does require a lot of aftercare. Otherwise, you will have to replace it sometime. With platinum, you can be sure that nothing will cause any damage if you take decent care of your wedding band.

  1. What Wedding Band Would Work Best With The Engagement Ring?

Many people think about a wedding band much later when they find difficulty in prospecting their wedding rings. Now that you have selected and purchased your wedding ring, it is best that you pay attention to a wedding band too. Most couples do not wish to wear their engagement rings on a daily basis. Therefore, when you pay attention to the bigger picture, it is a wise idea to invest in high-quality platinum, gold or white gold wedding bands.

If you pick out a solitaire ring of 1-1.5 carats, you can club it with a flat band made of white gold or platinum. You can always take inspiration from your favorite celebrities and other brides.

Start Your Engagement Ring Shopping

There are so many things that you have learned today. But while you start shopping for your wedding ring, you will discover so much more. To start off, you can go to the Internet and shortlist the best jewelry stores in town. See and select a few designs in advance to avoid overtime consumption.

So, now that you know what to ask and how to deal with the jeweler, you are ready to buy your engagement ring. Surprise your partner with a unique diamond, that reflects their personality and puts a simple on their beautiful face. Happy shopping!

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