Where Are You Ms. Black?

Published on April 05, 2011, 7:36 pm
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According to an article in April 5th’s edition of The New Times, Cathie Black — the newly appointed NYC Schools Chancellor, largely has been sequestered from the public.

It seems that her deputies are the ones representing her office to the parents of NYC’s school children. My guess is they are the ones doing the heavy lifting, too, since Ms. Black knows nothing about public education in the first place.

Her appointment by Mayor Bloomberg to her new office was a joke, and at an annual salary of $250,000, it is a complete waste of money.  She is costing the Department of Education the equivalent of 6 full-time teachers.

Mr. Mayor, if you are so concerned about the city’s school children, fire Ms. Black and use her salary to keep 6 more teachers on the payroll. After all, her subordinates are covering for her anyway.


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