Teens Take On CoViD

Published on May 14, 2020, 3:00 pm
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As part of a larger effort to support New York City families during this challenging time, the NYC Administration for Children’s Service (ACS) today announced a new one-stop-shop website, called “Teens Take on CoViD,” aimed at connecting young people to citywide resources and support in order to better navigate the unique challenges of CoViD-19.

Specifically, the “Teens Take On CoViD” mobile friendly website offers information about: medical and mental health services, LGBTQIA health and mental health resources, substance misuse prevention and treatment, family or relationship violence, suicide prevention, child trafficking, bullying, family planning options, teen parent support, education support, housing support and fun activities to do at home. To view the “Teens Take On CoViD” resource page, please visit here.

“Due to the unprecedented circumstances of CoViD-19, young people across New York City may be feeling isolated at home – away from their friends, classmates, teachers and counselors– and that’s why ACS is doing its part to let New York City youth know what resources are available to them during this challenging time,” said ACS Commissioner David A. Hansell. “Our new website, called “Teens Take on CoViD,” will better connect local youth to a range of citywide supports to help them navigate the daily challenges of CoViD-19 and it’s just one more way in which ACS is working to keep children safe and families supported during these trying times.”

“This pandemic has separated us physically but compels us to come together emotionally,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot. “I’m proud that my colleagues are providing support, education and activities to help young New Yorkers get through this crisis.”

“Many thanks to Commissioner Hansell and ACS staff for developing this helpful resource for teens across New York City”, said Senator Roxanne J. Persaud, Chair of the Senate Social Services Committee. “Teens, while very resilient, are facing the challenges of remote education as well as helping parents and siblings while isolating at home, and many are struggling.”

“I am happy to see ACS taking initiative to make a wide range of resources available to our young people in one place. During this time, it is so important that our most vulnerable can access services and do not get lost trying to navigate a complicated system. I thank Commissioner Hansell who has been a great partner in the City and I look forward to continuing our work together,” said Senator Velmanette Montgomery.

“Our ongoing fight against Covid-19 requires that every New Yorker works to defeat it, that includes children and teenagers,” said Council Member Ben Kallos. “I applaud the efforts of the Administration for Children Services as they work to engage young New Yorkers with their “Teens Take on CoViD” initiative. This one website will serve as a bridge connecting young people with resources on mental health, medical services, substance abuse treatment, activities to do at home, and of course, learning about Covid-19 and how to stop its spread.” 

“These are challenging times for all New Yorkers, and I know that health and educational needs are more acute for vulnerable young people. As so many teens stay safe at home during these months, it is important we bring constructive, life-affirming resources to them. This ACS website gives them a window to everything from free SAT practice tests to mental health services, and everything in between. I encourage my fellow New Yorkers to spread the word and share these resources with the young people in their lives,” said Council Member Deborah Rose.

“In the trying times of CoViD-19, children of New York City are dealing with an unbelievable amount of stress, uncertainty and confusion. That’s why a resource such as Teens Take On CoViD is so important right now. From information on mental health services to family planning options and education and housing resources, this website is a one-stop shop for teens seeking information during this crisis. I want to thank ACS and Commissioner Hansell for developing this website and for these important resources,” said Council Member Stephen Levin.

In addition to the new “Teens Take on CoViD” site, last month ACS launched a digital campaign aimed at providing support to caregivers and families. The campaign is called “Coping Through Covid” and is being promoted on social media and radio. As we continue to address the CoViD-19 crisis, we will continue to promote the new Teens Take On CoViD website via social media with the help of sister agencies in New York City and contracted provider agencies. The URL to the site can be found here.

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