Getting Around The Boroughs Of NYC Securely, Efficiently, And Cheaply

Published on May 21, 2024, 12:29 pm
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Whether you are setting foot on what is known as the world’s most important city, New York, or find yourself in one of the five big districts of the Boroughs, you are likely not leaving the birthland of skyscrapers without traveling around to catch a glimpse of it or, hopefully, in-depth POVs.

Crossing the boundaries of NYC as a first-timer may feel as overwhelming as it is indelible. And with over 8.3 million people in 2022 and over 56MN visitors setting foot only at the Big Apple, you would not be judged not even if you were a lifelong resident still seeking the safest, cheapest, and swiftest ways to get around the five colossal boroughs. 2024 could witness the welcoming of 68 million visitors, so it is crystal clear that you will have some crowds to squash in to get to your points of interest. As such, we want you to have as pleasant a journey as possible given that you have numerous transportation methods to secure your trips, of which many are not that well-known, not even by denizens.

So, enough with talking and let’s take the plunge and discover the five boroughs of NYC like a real Gothamite!

Buses, subways, and more

Traveling around the overcrowded city of New York, there is a type of transportation that is the most efficient in every neighborhood visited. For instance, the subway, which is top for switching hoods, and bus networks are impressively thorough. The precision of the networks, however, comes at the price of some extra tactics operating in specific points of the town.

When time’s not pressing, and you are well-traveled through the warm spring temperatures, consider hopping on a bus—or more. We emphasize the privilege of losing time because buses in the United States are generally criticized as slow owing to an overfavoring of rail and road projects that slashed the buy-in otherwise directed to bus networks.

This transportation mode is usually slower than the subway. Yet, it offers the priceless opportunity of observing the city’s strong points and quirks as you are sitting relaxed and gazing through the window. The city does not cease to impress not even the old stagers, long denizens of the Big Apple, so it should not come as a shocker if you see pedestrians riding their bicycles to wherever they may be heading. It is anything but uncommon to bump into a native local on their Class 3 bike and find out they are enjoying this transportation mode for they have all the freedom of movement, with this type of e-bike specifically for its suitability for city streets and bike lanes.

Take a moment to daydream, for you have likely dreamt of setting foot in NYC up to the moment you have actually arrived at the globally renowned JFK, Newark, or other airport of choice.

Other transportation modes

Numerous transportation options interconnect New York City’s boroughs. For instance, when you don’t have more rapid options, you can quickly get from Staten Island to the Bronx with the Line 5 subway and bus, which may cost you two hours.

On the other hand, getting from the Bronx to N.Y. County may take you a minimum of 20 minutes and a few dollars off your wallet. Traveling from the Bronx to Brooklyn could necessitate over an hour, depending on the point of departure chosen, such as the Bronx Park East or Parkchester. Notably, you will spend unexaggeratedly the same amount of time if you decide to ride your e-bike between the destinations.

Generally, hopping on a bike is an encouraged transportation method when it comes to crossing boroughs. It’s time- and money-saving, facilitated through developer bike trails, and you have a wide variety of options to choose from. In the U.S., marketplaces for second-hand e-bikes are abundant and finding a reliable provider boils down to opting for a reputed retailer, so whether you are a resident or traveler, investing in a professionally-certified used electric bike is one of the most mindful and rewarding things you can do.

The NYC ferry expansion to streamline transportation between borough

The NYC ferry system is receiving a makeover as governments are buying in to streamline transportation to meet the needs of retirees, workers, and tourists, among other traveler categories. The market’s continuous expansion calls for swifter transportation services, and these months are all about advancing the industrial zones and expanding the ferry systems to facilitate movement between boroughs in more rapid manners.

Ferry ridership was dealt a blow during the CoViD-19 pandemic. Yet, at the time of writing, new, extra routes and terminals are being developed, heralding a new era for waterborne transport, known as the most cost-effective way of moving across long distances. So, practice patience now to reap the benefits later when it’s all finished.

Taxi, rideshares, commuter rails

Evidently, ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft or taxis are the most comfortable and stress-free transportation modes when you have plenty of time and money on hand. These are readily available to pick you up from almost wherever you are and take you through the boroughs of NYC.

On the other hand, taxis are the best door-to-door solution, but they tend to be many times more expensive compared to public transportation methods. Similarly, having a car is the most convenient way to roam around. Still, the traffic is a burden, and parking brings about many challenges, so considering the point of departure and arrival, you should reconsider being behind the wheel.

Last but not least, biking is among the best solutions when you have the necessary equipment, thanks to the bridges and bike lanes specially developed for this type of traveler. The Brooklyn Bridge, for instance, hosts dedicated cycle routes and offers you the opportunity to stroll through the lush lawns and gardens surrounding the area.


Congestion and traffic are substantial obstacles when traveling through boroughs. Still, there are great ways to avoid some of the hassle while experiencing the city like a real connoisseur of the top transportation modes. There are shortcuts to take, so consider the alternatives described above and always plan routes in advance!

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