Dr. Catherine Woo & Riverdale Family Orthodontics Are The “Go-To” For Bronx Ortho Patiens

Published on July 31, 2018, 3:49 am
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Families throughout the Bronx area know they can trust the expertise and knowledge of Dr. Catherine Woo and her staff at Riverdale Family Orthodontics. The Ivy-League trained Dr. Woo is board certified and has created a staff that is as knowledgeable as they are compassionate.

Dr. Catherine Woo & Riverdale Family Orthodontics Are The "Go-To" For Bronx Ortho Patiens

Dr. Catherine Woo & Riverdale Family Orthodontics Are The "Go-To" For Bronx Ortho Patiens

Dr. Woo was born in the suburbs of New Jersey before moving to Taipei in fifth grade. She returned to New York to attend Columbia University, where she received her undergraduate degree in biology. She also completed her dental and specialty training in orthodontics at Columbia. She was honored to be one of seven residents chosen out of hundreds of applicants to then attend the very prestigious three year orthodontics program at Columbia.

Dr. Woo has worked incredibly hard to build a practice that delivers exceptional treatment in a caring and compassionate environment. Riverdale Family Orthodontics always puts the patient first. From the moment patients step in the door, they are welcomed as part of the family, and Dr. Woo always takes time to listen to patient feedback in order to improve and grow her practice.

During her Ivy-League training, Dr. Woo was trained in a host of treatment options, including traditional metal braces, Damon braces, Invisalign, and multi-disciplinary techniques to ensure healthy, straight and properly functioning smiles that will last a lifetime. She is adept in handling malocclusions of any difficulty, and treats patients of all ages. 

Dr. Woo has the knowledge, skill and experience to treat bite problems in patients of all ages, including overbites, underbites, crossbites and overjets. She works with younger patients to provide early interceptive treatment to identify and correct issues before they become bigger problems. By guiding the growth of the jaw in her young patients, she can work to ensure there is adequate space for permanent teeth to erupt, and make the tooth straightening phase of orthodontics more effective and efficient. No matter what your orthodontic issue may be – be it crowded, crooked or otherwise misaligned teeth, improper spacing of the teeth, or jaw issues, Dr. Woo and her team will work hard to provide you with the smile you deserve. 

Because Riverdale Family Orthodontics is focused on patient comfort and satisfaction, the practice also works incredibly hard to ensure every patient gets the treatment they need and deserve. No patient should have to go without orthodontic treatment over fear of cost, so Dr. Woo offers interest free in-house financing as well as flexible payment plans. 

The Bronx area is a diverse community and Dr. Woo and her staff love getting to know the unique patients who trust her with their orthodontic care. The Riverdale Family Orthodontics staff is trilingual and proficient in English, Spanish and Mandarin to better serve the needs of their patients. 

Dr. Woo is dedicated to her patients, and her team was honored to have been named the 2017 Best of the Bronx for orthodontic practices. This award was especially important to Dr. Woo because she works hard every day to ensure each patient feels welcomed and supported throughout their orthodontic experience. 

Riverdale Family Orthodontics has earned the trust and respect of the community, and Dr. Woo and her staff continue to work hard to ensure that this trust is well-placed. For patients and families looking for the best in orthodontic treatment, including the latest treatment and technology, in a caring and compassionate environment, Riverdale Family Orthodontics is the answer. 

To visit or to further inquire:

Riverdale Family Orthodontics
5795 Tyndall Avenue, 1 Floor
Bronx, NY 10471

Tel.:      718-884-7700


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