Bronx Expressions: Sacred Objects

Published on June 12, 2020, 11:12 am
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Two friends cloistered in their living quarters and studios, one by the Mississippi River and the other by the Bronx River, engage in a show-and-tell, more like a perform-and-tell, dealing with their creative lives from a place of isolation, but of great expansion as well.

Drawing from a life-long art praxis that goes back long before they visited an art gallery or a museum, Billy and Nicolás focus on elements of their performances and their day-to-day to be with each other and those they touch in time and space. They also acknowledge the role of interruptions, shared rites of passages, and reinterpretations of hearsay and tales in their work and play.

Billy and Nicolás integrate those in attendance by inviting them to share and discuss sacred objects that are part of their lives. 

Those wishing to attend, please have with you a sacred object, that you can talk about when you join this event, which will take place on Wednesday, June 17, 2020, between the hours of 06:00 p.m. and 07:00 p.m.

To register, please visit here.

About Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful Espejo

In 2011 Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful Espejo was baptized as a Bronxite by the Bronx River, by Bill Aguado and Susan Newmark Fleminger. In an earlier experience, he traveled from the Bronx to Berlin, Germany, where he surrendered his persona before entering the Czech Republic, where he embodied the Holy Infant of Prague, full time, for 5 days.

About Billy X. Curmano

Billy X. Curmano engaged in a 2,367.4-mile swim from the source of the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico as a performance and environmental statement. In another performance, he fasted on juice and water for 40 days, in Death Valley, seeking visions and enlightenment.

About Bronx Council On The Arts

Founded by visionary community leaders in 1962, the Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA) is dedicated to advancing cultural equity in Bronx. From creative placemaking and arts advocacy to the provision of services for artists and arts organizations, as well as programming for children and seniors, BCA was the first organization in Bronx to focus equally on supporting local artists, serving the community, and catalyzing relationships between the two.

Since its founding, BCA has focused on the work of underrepresented groups, especially artists of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ community. We provide direct services to over 1,000 artists and 250 community-based arts groups each year, and thanks to our granting programs, we are able to touch the lives of over thousands of audience members.


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